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Yuri Elkaim

This is Yuri Elkaim.

If you’re on this site you’re probably where I was several years ago – overwhelmed and confused by all the health and nutrition information out there.

One of the perks of our modern world is the ease with which we can access almost anything. However, that does not mean that what you are looking for is necessarily delivered to you in a clear-cut and accurate fashion.

There is a lot of misinformation available to you nowadays. Anyone can put up a blog, a community forum, or create an ebook and claim that they have the solutions to your health problems.

Yuri Elkaim

And as great as this is, it can also be downright confusing (and dangerous), especially if they don’t have an extensive educational and experiential background on the topic.

Despite all of the websites and experts we have access to, the vast majority of people are still not properly informed about the fundamentals of nutrition and health.

Still, the same questions continue to surface and the same health problems continue to plague millions of people

That’s exactly why I created Super Nutrition Academy.


There Simply is Nothing Like SNA – Anywhere

Super Nutrition Academy (SNA) is the consolidation of 13 years of my personal experience having helped more than 71,000 people to better health and over 1,000 hours of additional research in peer-reviewed scientific journals to give you the most complete and objective understanding of your health and nutrition.

Quite frankly – there is nothing like SNA anywhere. That’s why I created it.

How I Went From Being Tired and Sick
Surviving on “Nutella-Loaded Crepes” to
Unlocking My Body’s Health Code to Overcome an
Autoimmune Condition and Years of Health Confusion

It all started back in 2005…

I had just returned from France, where I had been playing soccer professionally, and was still suffering from low energy and an autoimmune condition I had developed when I was 17 years old.

My diet was pretty bad. To give you an example, I would eat 4-5 crepes filled with Nutella 1-2 times per week (even before games)!

And all of this despite having previously graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in Physical Education & Health and Kinesiology and having had worked as a personal trainer for a number of years.

I had searched far and wide for answers to my health problems but not a single medical doctor ever clued into the possibility that my health could be related to years of eating lackluster foods (you know, the typical American diet).

But that all changed when, through a series of events, I stumbled upon a natural nutrition school in my hometown of Toronto. I attended the open house and was immediately floored by what I had learned during the quick intro lectures.

I couldn’t understand why universities and the medical community weren’t aware of this knowledge. Or were they simply refusing to accept it?

Needless to say, I was intrigued and decided to enroll.

Deep down, I knew my health problems had something to do with my diet and I got confirmation of this when I asked several of the teachers (who were naturopathic doctors and alternative healers) if they thought so as well.

Each of them responded with a resounding “YES”. Their answers gave me hope that I could possibly get to the root of my health issues, cut through all the crap, and finally live with greater vitality.

And that’s exactly what happened.

Within just a few short weeks of applying the nutrition strategies I was learning about, I was able to keep my autoimmune condition at bay, skyrocket my energy, and eat healthier almost effortlessly.

Poor nutrition hurt me, then good nutrition healed me.

And that wouldn’t have happened if I continued browsing the web for answers (only to be confused by all of the conflicting advice) or seeking solutions from stubborn and close-minded medical doctors.

I knew that my health was my responsibility. And I was thankful that I had finally found a solution that could help me take back control.

Upon graduating as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and applying my new found nutrition skills with hundreds of my personal clients (and then thousands around the world), I was able to help them battle years of stubborn weight issues and health challenges.


Meet Your Prof

Yuri Elkaim is Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Kinesiologist, and highly sought after High Performance Health Coach. He’s also a former professional soccer player and served as the Head Strength & Conditioning and Nutrition Coach for men’s soccer at the University of Toronto for 7 seasons.

For more than 13 years, he’s empowered more than 71,000 people to greater health with his no-nonsense, holistic, and research-backed approach to health.

Having suffered (and recovered) from an autoimmune condition himself, he’s made it his mission to empower others with clear-cut information and health strategies that provide clarity and peace of mind in a world overwhelmed by misleading information.

Most People Are Still Confused

But as encouraging as their results were, I still noticed something…

My clients, and most people I came into contact with, continued to ask me the same questions about nutrition. They were still completely clueless about the basics of nutrition and health.

Sure I could help during our time together but what would happen when they were on their own?

Would they know how to make smarter food choices and understand the impact these foods have on their health?

Would they be able to have an intelligent conversation with their doctor about blood sugar, cholesterol, cancer, or the like?

And, other than investing thousands of dollars and hundreds of classroom hours by going back to school (like I did), was/is there a solution that can equip everyday people with the level of health and nutrition knowledge possessed by only a select few health professionals?

The answer was (and is) no.

And that’s not right.

That’s why I created Super Nutrition Academy.

You deserve to become your own health master. You deserve to know more about nutrition than your doctor does. You deserve to have a fundamental understanding of how your body and food interact. And you deserve to have clear-cut and evidence-based answers to your health questions…

In a simple, convenient, and affordable manner.

The reason this is so important is because no one else cares about you and your health more than you do. Isn’t it time you feed your mind the right knowledge and your body the right food?

If so, then you’ll love Super Nutrition Academy


Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN
Professor, Super Nutrition Academy