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SNA is the only 12-month research-backed nutrition course that makes it easy to understand and master all aspects of your diet and health in less than 1 hour per week.

The nutrition information provided is based on my 13 years of 1-on-1 clinical experience with clients and over 1000 hours pouring over the latest scientific research. The underlying message throughout is to eat more natural whole foods (especially plant-based foods) without being fanatical about your health.


There are 12 modules – each 1-month in length – with each focusing on a particular nutrition/health topic. Each module consists of 4 weekly lessons which last anywhere from 30-60 minutes.

The lessons are video-based, mostly PowerPoint webinar style, with a specific emphasis on teaching the fundamentals and intricacies of nutrition and health.

Students can learn in a number of ways:

• They can view the videos online within the membership area,
• They can download the videos to their computer (or iPod/iPad),
• They can download the MP3 audio version of each lesson, and
• They can download/read the PDF transcripts/workbooks

Not only will students get more nutrition training than their doctors (and possibly some dietitians), they will also be encouraged to take action and apply what they learn by providing them with the following:

• 1-2 simple assignments at the end of each lesson (5-10 minutes of “work”)
• Actionable health-improvement steps in each lesson’s “Cheat Sheet” (ie. the 9 steps to
manage your cholesterol), and
• ONE main dietary/lifestyle habit to master each module (12 habits in total).

To avoid overwhelm and to promote proper implementation, students will have access to ONE module at a time. Every 30 days (each billing cycle), they will have access to the next module.

Building Community

In addition to the educational training, students are able to post questions and connect with other users in the comment section within each lesson. We call this our “campus”.


Super Nutrition Academy is designed for health-conscious individuals who are motivated to finally understand the complex relationship between food and health.

In doing so, they will be more motivated to make health dietary choices, while finally putting an end to their food frustration, information overload, and conflicting advice presented in the diet industry.

They will cultivate a “nutritionist-like” understanding of their diet and body – essentially becoming their own health care providers – allowing them to achieve their health and nutrition goals once and for all.


Throughout the 12 months (ie. 12 modules), students will learn everything a certified nutritionist would learn during a typical year-long education but without the hefty tuition including:

* the truth about carbohydrates and sugar

* everything they ever wanted and needed to know about protein

* the truth about  fats, cholesterol, and heart disease

* how to diagnose and heal themselves…nutritionally.

* and so much more!

In total, they will benefit from 48 incredible lessons.

How YOU Make Money…

Super Nutrition Academy is a 12-month CONTINUITY program which means you get paid a 75% commission each month (for up to 12 months) for each student you refer into the program.


We are currently split testing different price points but your visitors will be exposed to between $29.95/month and $49.95/month. As such, we strongly discourage you from posting the price of the program on your website or in any emails.

Whatever the price, you earn 75% commission either way.


We have 3 backend offers ranging in price from $27 to $67 (one-time) and once again, you get 75% commissions on any upsells.

SNA is hosted on Clickbank.

Join the Team to Get Your Marketing Tools and Updates

Just enter your name and email below to join our team and get instant access to all your affiliate tools and top-notch internet marketing advice from Yuri Elkaim.


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