“I have to get this off my chest before I explode!”

“EXPOSED: The REAL Cause Of Heart Disease, Heart Attacks And Strokes...And Why Doctors, The Medical Community, And Big Pharma/Food Companies Are Terrified To Talk Openly About It!”

Now, At Last, Discover 15 Ridiculously Fast And
Easy Lifestyle Changes You Can Make To Immediately
Protect Your Heart From This Silent Killer, Reverse
It’s Effects… And Enjoy Your Golden Years,
Statin-Free And With Peace Of Mind!

(Hint: If You Still Believe Cholesterol And Saturated Fats Are Bad
For Your Body… This Report Proves You’ll Probably Die Young)


Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN

Dear Friend,

If you desperately want to get clarity on what’s really healthy for your heart, and empower yourself to make sensible and informed lifestyle choices… so you can take control of your health, and be there for your children and grandchildren as they grow up… then this will be the most important special report you ever read.

Here's Why

Everything They Ever Told You About
Cholesterol –– It's Completely, 100% Wrong!

They said that your arteries are like the pipes beneath your kitchen sink… that if you consume too much fat, the cholesterol level in your blood goes up and your arteries get clogged… then the blood can’t get through anymore, and you get a heart attack or a stroke.

That’s what they told you. Eating foods rich in cholesterol is like putting fat down the drain in your sink — the pipes get blocked, and the water can’t flow. It’s a striking metaphor. It’s easy to understand. And it makes good sense.

But in a minute, you’ll understand why this analogy is so absurd.

They say cholesterol is bad. In fact, they don’t need to. Everyone “knows” this. Just like they “know” that if you want to be healthy, you have to lower the amount of cholesterol in your blood — by cutting down on fatty foods, red meats, egg yolks and other such nasties, since these things increase your cholesterol levels. And everyone “knows” the higher your cholesterol is, the more likely you are to suffer from heart disease, a heart attack or a stroke.

But If That's True...Then How Do
You Explain These Three Studies?

(By the way, your doctor almost certainly doesn't know about these.)




A ten-year study of more than 52,000 subjects, which was published in the August 2011 issue of the Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice, proved…women with high levels of cholesterol were 30% less likely to die from heart disease, a heart attack or a stoke, than women whose cholesterol was normal.

(“High” was any reading above 270 mg/dL, and “normal” was any reading below 193 mg/dL.)





In January 2009, the American Heart Journal published a study that found almost 75% of all patients hospitalized for heart attacks had “normal” cholesterol levels — i.e., below 200 mg/dL.

Read that last sentence again. Their cholesterol was just fine, and they had heart attacks anyway!

This next one is the real kicker:





The World Health Organization’s MONICA study shows that Australian Aboriginals have the highest occurrence of death from heart disease in the world.

In fact, Aboriginals are 30 times more likely to die from heart disease than French people. Yet their average cholesterol level is the lowest of any population group that’s ever been studied!



Here’s the deal. There is absolutely no correlation between cholesterol levels, and heart disease, heart attacks or strokes. These three studies prove it.

Cholesterol is not the cause of these illnesses. Yet… virtually every doctor, big pharma/food company and health organization on the planet is telling you it is.

If you buy into this myth, then almost everything you do to improve your heart health is simply futile. In fact, as you’ll see in a minute…

Most Of The Things You're Doing Actually
Make You More Likely To Die Prematurely


No, really. But it doesn’t necessarily mean your doctor’s lying to you.

This cholesterol myth is national policy. It’s what they teach doctors at medical school. It’s what the government and independent health organizations tell the general public. It’s what they teach children at school. But it’s based on an experiment from the 50s that we now know is completely flawed!

Let me explain.

It all started with an article named “Lipid Hypothesis”, written by George Duff and Gardner McMillian, which was published in the American Journal of Medicine in 1951. It was just a theory, not a truth. But Ancel Keys saw this paper, took a liking to the theory, and set out to design a study to prove that high cholesterol levels was the cause of heart disease and strokes.

This is not how science works. You design experiments to challenge theories, not to “prove” them.

Keys collected data from 22 different countries. But he only published 7 of them — those that agreed with the theory he was out to prove. The data from the other 15 countries was discarded! (If you use that approach in science, then with a big enough dataset you can prove just about any theory.)

Most Scientific Circles Would
Ridicule A Study Like This!

Yet the American Heart Association actually endorsed Keys’s “Seven Countries” study, which “proved” that heart disease, heart attacks and strokes are caused by the consumption of fat and cholesterol. And so this theory quickly became national policy, even though it has never been properly proven through scientific study!

But that didn’t stop the pharmaceutical companies. They immediately started developing drugs to lower cholesterol, since there was now a ripe, new market for them. And the big food companies introduced artificial foods that were low on cholesterol and fat. Soon, every respectable doctor was putting their patients on statin, and urging them to avoid fatty foods. And all of this came from a theory — an idea — that was never properly tested.

What are the consequences of all this?

Today roughly one quarter of all adults over the age of 45 are on statins, which their doctor has given them to lower their cholesterol. (Perhaps you are too.) And they do nothing to protect you from heart disease.

These drugs bring all kinds of harmful side effects, including: memory loss… aches and pains in your muscles… impotence… seemingly random tingling, burning and numbing sensations… violent nightmares… irritability… liver and stomach problems… dry skin… profuse sweating… and breathing difficulties.

If you’re taking statin, then you’ve probably stopped noticing these things, because…

People Accept These Humiliating Side Effects
As A“Natural” Part Of Growing Old...
But They’re Not!

Did you know that habitual use of statins accelerates the aging process? It turns you into a vegetable, robs you of your dignity, and takes years from your life.


(Obviously, these side effects aren’t widely publicized. The statin industry is worth $29 billion dollars a year, and many people have a vested interest in keeping it that way.

But there are many independent studies that document these side effects — some have been published in various issues of Archives of Internal Medicine.)

The evidence is there.

Why would you want to expose your body to a harmful, toxic and expensive drug… which has these documented harmful side affects, and accelerates your ageing… while not doing anything at all to actually help with the real problem?

Especially when you can solve the real problem through just a few fast and easy lifestyle changes, which don’t leave you feeling like a vegetable, and a burden to your family and friends.

For most people, these drugs are completely unnecessary. And they do nothing about the real cause of heart disease. You take your magic pill every night, and you think it’s protecting your heart. Meanwhile, there’s a silent killer ravaging your arteries. And nothing is protecting you from it.

Here’s the deal.

Cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease. In fact, not only is it completely benign… but the body actually needs it for many different things. And many of these things we don’t fully understand right now. That’s the reason…

Why People With Higher Cholesterol Are
More Likely To Live Longer, And Healthier

Those studies I told you about earlier clearly prove it. (And there are many others too.)

It’s because cholesterol is a vital nutrient, which your cells need to maintain and repair themselves. Especially the neurons in your brain. That’s why your body actually creates most of the cholesterol you have inside you. In fact, 85% of the cholesterol in your blood stream is created inside your liver.

(Trying to reduce your cholesterol level by eating less cholesterol and fat not only makes no sense, but is also completely futile. So if you’ve been cutting back on the fatty foods, but are still scratching your head, wondering why your cholesterol level isn’t going down… then this is the reason why. Most of the cholesterol in your blood was created by your body, because your body needs it.)

Now I know what you’re thinking. What about "atherosclerosis" — where your arteries are blocked by cholesterol? Isn’t that caused by the cholesterol in your blood?

The answer is no, it isn’t. For over half a century now, the medical community has been confusing cause and effect. And they’ve been pushing drugs and treatment plans that only tackle the symptoms.

Let me explain.

Even though it is cholesterol that clogs up your arteries, it isn’t actually the cholesterol that causes the blockage. In a normal, healthy body, the cholesterol flows freely and goes to where it’s needed — even when there’s a lot of cholesterol in your blood.

But when a blockage happens, it’s because the cholesterol is being trapped inside your artery walls. And it’s being trapped for a specific reason. In fact…

It’s This Reason That Is The True Cause Of Heart
Disease –– It’s This Condition
That Is The Silent Killer!

You should know — right now — that this silent killer is really easy to test for. (I’ll tell you how you can get yourself tested in a minute.) And once you know what you’re dealing with, it’s rather easy to reduce, and even completely get rid of.

Here’s what you can expect, when you finally do clear yourself of this ravaging condition:

  • Your heart and circulatory system will restore itself to tiptop condition… and your risk of suffering from heart disease, a heart attack or a stroke is dramatically reduced! (You’ll be able to spend your golden years leading an active life, outside in the sunshine with your family… in comfort, and with peace of mind.)
  • You’ll be able to ditch the statins, and other drugs you use to reduce your blood pressure — if that’s what you want — and all the humiliating side effects that come with them. (If you’ve been on these drugs for a while, you may have even stopped noticing how awful they make you feel. This absolutely isn’t a normal part of growing old!)
  • You can eat delicious, natural foods again — the stuff your doctor and the rest of the medical community is telling you to avoid. You and I both know you’re missing it. We both know you’re craving it. And these foods will actually make you healthier, and give you more energy to live your life to the full — rather than as a bed-bound vegetable!

As I said to you before, this silent killer is ridiculously easy to detect. There is one particular distinct sign that indicates this condition is running rampant in your body, which is rather easy to test for. And when you understand what you’re dealing with, you can…

Get Rid Of This Killer Condition
And Reverse It’s Damage, With Just A Few
Simple, Fast And Easy Lifestyle Changes

Relax. These lifestyle changes are easy to adopt. And you won’t need to make any drastic changes to your life. None at all.


You don’t have to spend money on expensive "health foods".

Quite frankly, you don’t need any of that rubbish. The foods I’ll be recommending are inexpensive, easy to find and simple to prepare. And they are completely, 100% natural. You won’t need to take any supplements either!

You don’t have to commit to an exercise schedule. In fact, you won’t have to add any exercise time to your day at all! Sure, working out does help. But this is about, simple, easy and fast changes you can make in your day-to-day life. You won’t have to put in hardly any additional time or physical effort.

And you don't have to come off the statins, if you’re not 100% comfortable doing so. You can keep taking them, and still see all those positive changes I told you about a minute ago. Or you can come off the drugs gradually, at a pace that’s comfortable for you. (Personally, I don’t see why anyone would want to keep taking them, if they’re not necessary.)

There’s really no reason for you to make your body a fertile breeding ground for this silent killer.

Right Now, Your Artery Walls Are Practically
Being Eroded — And This Causes
Cholesterol To Get Trapped

This is what causes "atherosclerosis", which is where your arteries become blocked with cholesterol that would otherwise be completely harmless. And it dramatically increases your chances of suffering a fatal heart attack or stroke.

(And if that wasn’t enough, your cholesterol cannot get to where it’s really needed. This puts you at risk of other problems, like Alzheimer’s disease, which has been linked to low cholesterol levels in the brain. Remember, your body creates cholesterol for a good reason.)

The worst part is, you won’t even know about it! Because… other than that test I’m about to tell you about in a minute, which measures a particular biomarker…this silent killer has no visible symptoms. You’ll think you’re fine and healthy, and maybe you’ll even have a “healthy” cholesterol level. Then you suffer a heart attack or stroke one day — completely out the blue.

But if you make these fast and easy lifestyle changes that I’m about to tell you about… then this problem, and all the secondary side effects it causes like high blood pressure and dizziness, gradually disappears. Without the drugs. (You may find that your cholesterol level naturally goes down too, since the cholesterol finally gets to go where it’s needed, and your body doesn’t need to produce so much.) The medical community is slowly waking up to this. But it’s going to be years before the national policy on heart disease and cholesterol changes. In the meantime, it takes renegade professionals like Dr. Dwight Lundell to shed the light on the truth.

In his article, “Heart Surgeon Speaks Out On What Really Causes Heart Disease”, Dr. Lundell explains how a recent discovery shows how this silent killer attacks the inside of your artery walls, causing cholesterol to get trapped.

He says, “I have peered inside thousands upon thousands of arteries. A diseased artery looks as if someone took a brush and scrubbed repeatedly against its wall.” He further says, “Despite the fact that 25% of the population takes expensive statin medications and despite the fact we have reduced the fat content of our diets…

“More Americans Will Die This Year
Of Heart Disease Than Ever Before!”


Let that last sentence sink in.

One quarter of the population are on drugs that are supposed to prevent heart disease. Yet, more people will die this year than previously! And it’s all because we’re barking up the wrong tree, and ignoring the true cause of heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, TIAs and other circulatory problems.

What is this silent killer?

It’s like a wire brush that grinds against the insides of your arteries, damaging the walls and slowly tearing them down. And as cholesterol is transported around your body, it gets trapped inside these tears and it accumulates, slowly blocking the flow of blood. And when the blood can’t flow anymore, parts of your heart, brain or other organs die because they can’t get the nutrients they need.

The real joke is…

Most Of This Abrasion Is Caused By The
“Heart Healthy” Foods You Buy To Protect
Yourself From High Cholesterol!


You think you’re protecting your heart. You think you’re making yourself healthier. And you think you’re being responsible about your health. But really, you’re just accelerating the problem!

This abrasion is easy to spot. There’s a simple test you can do, which puts an exact number on the threat it poses to your body — you just need to measure a particular biomarker. From there, you can take simple, easy and fast steps to get rid of this silent killer and reverse it effects completely. That is how you protect yourself from heart disease.

Can you see how ridiculous the national policy on heart disease and cholesterol really is? Cholesterol isn’t the cause of heart disease, heart attacks or strokes. In fact…

The “Explanation” They Gave You Makes
No Sense, And Is Quite Frankly Insulting!


Your circulatory system is nothing like the pipework beneath your kitchen sink. And eating fats and cholesterol doesn’t cause your arteries to get blocked!

For a start, the temperature of the blood flowing through your arteries is around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. If cholesterol was flowing freely and naked in your blood, it would melt, rather than congeal and block your arteries.

But it doesn’t flow freely and naked. It’s transported around your circulatory system in special carrier particles, called lipoproteins, which are designed for this exact job!

Also, 85% of the cholesterol in your blood is produced by your liver. It doesn’t come from the food you eat! And that cholesterol is produced because some part of your body needs it. That’s why your liver — which has millions of years of evolution under its belt — is producing it!

Do you really think your liver is out to poison you?

Pharmaceutical companies want you to buy their drugs. Big food corporations want you to purchase their “health food” products. And guess who’s sponsoring most of the research into heart disease. Do you think these studies might be a little bit biased?

Big Pharma/Food Companies Aren’t
The Only Ones Making Money From
This Cholesterol Myth!


The US government — who, through taxation, is effectively their biggest shareholder — rakes in a fortune from this industry. And they’re desperate for cash right now. Do you think they might have a vested interest too?

These people want you to believe that cholesterol is the cause of heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, TIAs and all other circulatory diseases. It’s in their best interests. They don’t sponsor studies that threaten their livelihood.

That’s why most people have never heard of this silent killer, which is constantly tearing against the insides of their arteries. That’s why most people still think cholesterol is the cause of their poor heart health. That’s why more people will die from a heart attack this year than ever before.

What’s the cause of this abrasion? What actually is this silent killer? And how do you stop it in its tracks, and undo all the damage it’s done to your arteries?

To answer all these questions, I’ve written a special report, called “The Truth About Heart Disease and Cholesterol — What the Mainstream Medical Community Doesn’t Want You to Know”.

The Truth About Heart Disease and Cholesterol
What the Mainstream Medical Community Does’nt Want You to Know


This special report finally reveals the real cause of heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, TIAs and all these other circulatory diseases. And it gives you 15 simple, actionable and fast steps you can take to protect yourself from them, and restore your heart and circulatory system to good health.

You'll discover:

  • The scientific name of this silent killer, which the medical community refuses to speak openly about... and how it tears at the insides of your arteries like a wire brush, all day, every day, even while you sleep.

    (This condition is the true cause of heart disease, heart attacks, TIAs and strokes. Until you know its true nature, you’re powerless to defend yourself against it. But when your understand it, you can take steps to banish this killer from your body, and restore your circulatory system to optimum health.)

  • How cutting back on one single lifestyle habit — which 19% of the adult population does by conscious choice— can dramatically reduce your changes of being ravaged by this abrasive monster. (In fact, this one change is the most powerful action you can take, to finally seize control of your health, and prolong your freedom and your life.)

  • 14 more ridiculously easy lifestyle changes you can make to drive this silent killer from your body — almost immediately — and reverse the damage it has done to your arteries. (If the general public knew and applied these simple lifestyle modifications, most drug and “health food” companies would be put out of business in no time. That’s how powerful these simple changes are!)

  • How an “unsung hero” biomarker, which almost every doctor and health professional ignores, can tell you exactly how much this silent killer is raging in your body. (You can get this marker tested by almost any physician or medical lab — often for less than $50! And it’s far more important than the “LDL” and “total cholesterol” markers that are usually tested, even though you’ve almost certainly never heard about it before.)

  • The 100% natural food product that’s almost nutritionally perfect for humans of any age, which your doctor has been telling you to stay away from. (This food should be a staple in your diet. It contains almost everything your body needs to rejuvenate itself — without any of the toxins you find in manufactured “health food”. And it’s dirt-cheap too.)

  • How eating a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet causes incredible metabolic distortions, and makes your body a fertile breeding ground for diabetes, cancers and other chronic illnesses.

    (After you’re done reading this part of the report, you’ll feel empowered to make your own informed dietary decisions, and take control of your health…while still enjoying delicious whole foods the way nature intended. No longer will doctors and nutritionists be able to pull the wool over your eyes, or fob you off with empty explanations!)

  • The one common household poison that’s in virtually every processed food product, including most health foods… and how it fuels almost all the damage that’s being done to your arteries.

    (When you know what this ingredient is, you can make a few simple and easy changes to cut it out of your life — or at least cut back on it — and give your arteries a chance to repair themselves naturally.)

  • How you can wean yourself off statins for good, and lead an independent and active life well into old age, free of drugs…with more than enough energy to be able to spend time outside with your children and grandchildren.

    (Like I said, I don’t know why anyone in their right mind would want to suffer the humiliating side effects of statin, when — for most people — these drugs aren’t even necessary.)

  • The two numbers on your cholesterol panel that you absolutely must pay attention to. There’s an ideal ratio between these two numbers that determines your cardiovascular risk. But most doctors don’t know about this ratio, and so won’t tell you about it.

    (If you follow the advice outlined in this guide, you can bring these two numbers into perfect balance… and massively increase your chances of living a healthy life, well into old age.)

Look. Everything you were ever told about cholesterol, heart disease and other cardiovascular illnesses is wrong. It’s all based on a flawed “scientific” experiment that’s now been completely debunked. And the things you’re doing to protect your health are actually making you more likely do die young from a heart attack or stroke — all because you’re missing a crucial part of the picture.

This special report finally lifts the lid on what’s really going on inside your arteries. And by the time you’ve finished reading it…you’ll be empowered to make sensible and informed lifestyle choices that protect you from the leading cause of death in the Western world. You’ll be able to take control of your health, and enjoy your golden years statin-free and with peace of mind.

Do I really know what I’m talking about? Can you trust me to lift the lid on how your heart really works, and to advise you on how you can protect yourself from the horrors of cardiovascular illness? I can’t answer that question for you. But I can show you what other people are saying about my books and programs.

Here’s What Other Experts In The Health And
Fitness World Think About My Programs:

“Yuri is my “go-to guru”…”

“As a publisher in the health industry, I’ve conducted literally hundreds of in-depth interviews with experts from every area of the wellness universe.  Hands down, Yuri is my “go-to guru” when it comes to uncovering the secrets of natural nutrition and achieving an enlightened state of “health-consciousness”.  I’ve always prided myself on living a fit lifestyle, but each time I speak with Yuri, I learn something new that allows me to tweak my own personal wellness plan a little bit more and reap the rewards his extensive knowledge has gifted me.”

Jeff Anderson
Founder & Editor, Do This – Be Fit Publications

“Yuri is the true definition of what a doctor should be; a teacher!”

“As a health doctor I see a lot of people trying to sell a bill of goods to my patients. Yuri is doing the complete opposite of that. His sole focus is on adding value to your life and transforming your health in a very economical way. After looking through this program, I was blown away with the quality of the content. Yuri Elkaim is the true definition of what a doctor should be; a teacher.

He’s extracted the most life changing health information from doctorate level and collage level programs and is delivering it to you in an applicable, digestible and actionable way. Four out of every five people are now dying from heart disease or cancer and the diseases of the new millenium are sky-rocketing.

As I’m sure you have heard, most every disease is preventable through learning how to live a healthy lifestyle. Yuri doesn’t want to give you a fish. He wants to teach you how to fish by educating you on the essential health information that will take your energy and vitality to an extremely high level while helping to prevent disease. This program is truly revolutionary.”

Dr. Isaac H. Jones
Designer Health Centers

“His advice is straight-forward,
easy to follow, and extremely pragmatic.”

“Yuri has really opened my eyes to the power of health foods. For me, including healthier foods in my diet was a weird and complicated process. (I have a bodybuilding background). It’s only when I met Yuri that I realized there are easy and simple ways to optimize your nutrition. Whether you are an athlete or not, you will learn a ton from Yuri!

Because of that there are very few people who I trust for nutrition and health advice. Yuri is one of those people that I trust. His advice is straightforward, easy to follow, and extremely pragmatic. He’s not going to have you spending thousands of dollars on stuff you don’t need, and he’s going to make sure you’re following the most simple, effective plan possible.

And, to top it off, he’s a great guy of great character. I would recommend Yuri and his programs to anyone interested in learning how to live a healthier, happier lifestyle.”

David Sinick

Listen. The way our bodies work is complicated. And the world of nutrition and health is a whole lifetime of learning. But I’ve done all the research, so you don’t have to.

As with all my other work, this investigatory report is a labour of love. After all, this is a topic that deeply interests me. What this means for you is… since I’ve already spent countless hours researching and implementing this information… you don’t have to sacrifice years of your life for this knowledge, because I’ve done all the legwork for you. This means…

You Can Simply Download This Report,
Kick Your Feet Up, And Soak In Life-Changing
Information — At The Push Of A Button!

I wrote this report to empower you to make informed choices about your health. I have no vested interest in any of the drugs or “health foods” your doctor — or other experts — have tried to push to you. All the information I share in this report is completely objective — and it’s backed by hours and hours of research and real-life experience.

Once you’ve gone through it… you’ll breathe a sigh of relief, knowing all the things you’ll know. No longer will health professionals be able to pull the wool over your eyes. No longer will you need to surf the web for hours on end, pulling your hair out to find the answers.

(As you can see from my pictures, I’ve already lost my hair in the process of helping you save yours.)

At last, everything you want to know about the true cause of heart disease, heart attacks, TIAs, and strokes is yours for the taking. Everything you need to know to protect yourself and your family from these debilitating diseases. You can have it in your hands right now — for just $7!

But it gets better. To sweeten the pot even more…


This Special Report Comes With A
Full, 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

The best part about all this is that I’m 100% convinced this report will give you clarity and confidence about your metabolism and how to lose weight. In fact, I’m so sure that I’ll even back it up with a full 60-day money-back guarantee.

That means you’ve got the time to read through the report before you decide whether you’re happy with the results. And if for some reason this report doesn’t live up to your expectations just let us know and we’ll be glad to give you a full refund of your purchase – no questions asked.

Now, you might be thinking:

“$7? If This Report Is So Great, Yuri, Then
Why Are You Practically Giving It Away?”

Here’s why. The reason I’m only charging $7 for this report, and the reason I’m not actually giving it away for free is because… I want to make this report available to anyone, but only those who are willing to make a small investment for the sake of their health.

Let’s be honest here. Everyone can afford $7. And if you’re at all serious about improving your health and wellbeing, then you’ll realise this deal is no-brainer. In fact, you’re probably not even reading this part of the letter.

But if you’re not willing to invest the price of a fast food burger for this kind of knowledge, then quite frankly this special report was not written or you. Because you and I both know you won’t implement any of the suggestions I give you.

Like I said, this special offer is a no-brainer. Not only is it an amazing deal, but also it’s totally risk-free. This tiny “investment” of $7 will empower you to make better lifestyle decisions forever, so you can protect your heart and keep the rest of your circulatory system in tip-top condition.

What are you waiting for? Grab this special report now, so you can start using this knowledge.


$37 $7

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There is more actionable information in this concise report than you’ll get reading a dozen books. In fact, most of what you’ll learn isn’t even available on the web. This special report is the fastest and easiest way for you to finally get the full picture on how to keep your heart and circulatory system healthy, so you can live a full, active life, and live your golden years with peace of mind.


Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN

P.S.Remember, everything you’re doing right now to protect your heart is actually causing more damage to your arteries… and making you more likely to die prematurely from heart disease, a heart attack or a stroke. Remember those studies I told you about? Look at the findings again!

Time really is of the essence. Because one day, it’ll be too late and this knowledge won’t be able to help you anymore. Don’t delay. Grab your copy right now. We’re talking $7 here, and this special report will transform your life. And if you’re not satisfied — for any reason at all, or no reason whatsoever — we’ll refund your money.

You’ve got nothing to lose. Nothing except your freedom and your life.

Your Peace of Mind & ZERO-RISK Guarantee!

If you don't enjoy more peace of mind and the confidence and direction you need to enjoy greater health and vitality with each passing year after reading this report, then you don't pay a penny.

That's right - I'm giving you a full 60-day money-back guarantee, which means you've got the time to read through this report before you decide whether you're happy with the results.

If for some reason this healthy aging report doesn't meet your expectations, then I'll send you 100% of the purchase price back. No questions asked. No long wait for your money. So go ahead - you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN



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