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In 250 words or less, tell me why you need to be a student of Super Nutrition Academy and why you deserve to win a scholarship to have complete access to the Academy.  Write your entry below in the comments area and good luck!

This contest ends tonight at midnight. We’ll be randomly selecting 3 lucky winners once the contest is closed.

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  1. My name is Shari Leiterman of Rawsome Living. I am a Raw Foods Coach, Caterer, and Educator. I do have a B.S. in Exercise Physiology and would love to have more to be trained in your Super Nutrition Academy since so much has changed from when I went to school. I would love to have this new education so that I can share this with my clients and help more folks that are seeking a better and healthier lifestyle. I would make great use of this material and support what you do even more. You are a blessing and I am a single mom of two and love to increase learning.

  2. Eric Tharnish

    I need a scholarship to Super Nutrition Academy because of all the things I’ve done to further my health, food is the one constant nebulous area I have to deal with when living around others. I’m sick and tired of people throwing buzzwords at me like “organic” or “gluten free” and not knowing the finer details of what it is I’m consuming. The reality is that sometimes I don’t know how or why a food is good for me beyond what it does on a superficial level. How do I implement healthy fats? How do I consume water as well as take in meals in an efficient manner? What benefits am I truly gaining from food and how do I know what I’m doing matches up to the diets of others?

    I need answers and I’m more than willing to put forth the effort. I need a program that’s just as serious as I am.

  3. Lisa Maniquet

    Eating raw has affected my life profoundly. After suffering for years with digestive issues I discovered I had many food allergies. Through my nutrition research I found the raw way of life and it changed everything – my physical health, my mental health and my spiritual heath. I am now obsessed and completely passionate about nutrition research and in fact am contemplating a career change into personal training and nutrition. I get goose bumps and SO excited when people ask me about my raw life style 🙂

    Thanks for all of your webinars/books/articles etc….its been most informative and inspiring!

  4. Surya Wang

    I myself is a healthy and fit person (BMI 20.3, SYS 117, DIA 70) but I don’t really know about nutrition so I’m curious about this nutrition fact and want to learn about it, so I can give direction to my friends about how to improve their health.

  5. Nutrition is important to mee….goes hand in hand with health which is a super passion of mine.
    To know that i know exactly what i or someone i care about needs to do, to heal and cure themselves for all sorts of ailments, even those,god forbid,nasty ones, is very exciting ad uplifting.
    yes, nutrition isn’t everything when it comes to health…but it’s a hack of a lot….and very much worth knowing: what’s good for me, what isn’t, and when and for what…So much information…a way to absorb the right information in a way that allows me to retain it like pro and apply it in life….that’d be awesome! 😀

  6. Judy Einzig

    Why I need to be a student of Super Nutrition Academy: I’ve been trying to go raw for over a year. I’ve made progress but haven’t completely gotten there. I’m hoping that the education in the Academy will be so profound as to reprogram my basic outlook on what I choose to eat and how I organize my life so as to have prepared the right foods when I get hungry. Thanks!

  7. Luke Bieber

    Ever since I have been a freshmen in high school, I have tried to make myself healthier and stronger for sports. Each day I looked up new and exciting methods to be as healthy as I could. I was enthralled with the amount of information floating around. Unfortunately, the amount of misinformation became clear very quickly. When I was a Sophomore in high school, I had started to focus on becoming healthier for my diabetes. Around that time, I stumbled upon some great workout videos by an unfamiliar face. I tried each of the workouts I could find. I was very pleased with the results. Later I looked into the creator of these videos. It was Yuri. I then looked into his health tips, bought “Eating for Energy”, and have continued to follow him ever since.

  8. Steven

    Hey I’m Steven from Orem, Utah. I’ve followed a lot of your free online stuff and love it!! I love to play basketball, and snowboard. This basketball season I’ve felt low on energy, to a point where it affects my concentration at school and homework. I would love to learn as much as I can about nutrition to boost my energy and concentration; I also want to use this nutritional knowledge to help my asthma and knee pain.
    -Thank you!!!

  9. Kat Maeda

    As a mom and grandmother, I have always loved preparing food for my family. As I have matured, so has my appreciation and passion for healthy food, the stuff of a healthy body and healthy life. I have moved from vegetarianism to loving the vegan and raw lifestyle – however, working full-time, having a growing business to keep on top of difficult economic times has minimized my ability to attend a formal nutrition/health academy. After following Yuri via the email subscription I have, I believe the Super Nutrition Academy will be the catalyst to my inspiring others to shift their understanding of how food choices affect their lives and open the door for me to start a new career as a nutrition coach. Learning from a master would be an honor. Namaste

  10. Ralph Young

    I feel that my life work has been helping others. It might not have been fruitful but I feel good about all the people in my path who have received the help. Some might not have wanted the help initially but in the end were quite elated. I was a combat medic in the Army and have always had a sick sense about seeing a person in distress. I have been practicing natural healing for several years for free. My hope is to one day be able to help millions. I’m always looking for alternative answers to common questions about sickness and how to avert it. I was asked while in the military to become a doctor; at the time I refused the request. But, since this time I’ve thought about becoming a Physicians Assistant. This Super Nutrition Academy is right up my alley. After not working for the last two years I just started a new job building a power plant. Also I tip the scales at 386# and not diabetic.

  11. Hi Yuri,
    HOW EXCITING!!! I have been wanting to study nutrition for some years now and more specifically and in greater detail; raw food and self care, and this is the perfect time for me to do it through the Super Nutrition Academy. My 3 kids and I already eat a high raw food diet and it will compliment my food blog (my business) and allow me to promote the philosophy of food I learn as a student of the Super Nutrition Academy. I want for more people to eat raw, I love your work and have been following you and promoting you for a while now and I see this as a perfect opportunity to change my financial situation too. So I raise my hand whole heartedly and say “PICK ME…PICK ME!!!” hehe
    Stay well, Eileen.

  12. Hi Yuir,

    I greatly appreciate the opportunity you are giving people to get educated!
    I suppose I could start with a brief reason as to WHY. I’ll try to make it short. When I was 16 I was diagnosed with a auto-immune disease call spindaloarthritis. It’s a condition of Rheumatoid Arthritis throughout the entire body. Went from dr. to dr. trying to figure out why and how to treat it. Needless to say I found a dr that gave me the diagnosis and treated me with a once a week injection. The medication was so strong that it would CUT my immune system in half. For the next couple of years I had to research and see if there was a CURE. I did find out that if I stayed away from “nightshade vegetables” I wouldn’t have any arthritic symptoms, rarely. I told my dr this and they advised me to continue take the medicine. I strongly disagreed. Life wasn’t too bad, if I stuck to it I was in good shape.
    At the age of 22 I would occasionally have a flare up. Nightshades are VERY hard to stay away from, there are EVERYWHERE. Nightshade: potatoes, tomatoes, any type of pepper, any type of squash, get the picture? The summer of 2010 I was in a terrible car accident where I BROKE my back (minor fracture, yet and still) and 7 ribs on the left side. This also cause a badly herniated disc.
    Now onto my journey of become a raw vegan. I was cripple for quite a few months. I struggled to go to the gym every day to fight this. I also knew that a plant based diet was the best way to eat. So I did as much research as I could; google, youtube, eBooks. I wanted to know as much as I could. I think you know what happened next. I started to CURE my arthritis, my back was getting better, so many good things came from going vegan. I watch for your newsletters; followed you on Facebook, youtube, I have a couple of your eBooks. Not trying to flatter you; everything you teach I have found to be very true and helpful. I am currently a raw vegan and gluten free. Now I am able to eat all of those delicious nightshades. Without the meat and gluten causing any leaky gut syndrome, the alkaloid (toxin in nightshade vegetables) doesn’t seem to affect my immune system making me pain free.
    I started my journey to acquiring more knowledge and put it into practice. I got a job at my local LAFitness. I wanted to share what I’ve learned and wanted to learn to become a personal trainer. I’m now a certified trainer and WANT SO MUCH to become a holistic nutritionist. I love the knowledge. I want to be able to tell people what I know and back it up with some sort of a degree. Yuri, this would be the best opportunity. I would be able to help my loved ones. I am currently giving tips to my family and friends, I want to take it an extra step further and help MANY. I feel this is something that needs to be shared with people. They have absolutely no idea of what’s good for them. I do hope to hear from you Yuri, this opportunity would give me the amo to go out and help others live a healthier lifestyle.

    J Kitts

  13. Juri Abbott

    I’m Juri Abbott. I live in Pretoria, South Africa. I have 2 young daughters. I come from a culture where for centuries our staple diet consists of maize products & red meat! Obviously this isn’t healthy And I’m sick of it! I want to be naturally healthy so I can stick around longer than my dad, and his dad… and and and…

    Everyone I know is so oblivious when it comes to good nutrition, and it shows! We are all over weight. I started making better food choices about a year ago when I discovered crossfit. I’ve lost about 21kg since then but still have a long way to go. I’ve been watching some of your Youtube vids and I downloaded your free BFFL book. It was the best nutritional info I have ever “digested!” I truly believe that the key to my long-term health lies in your teachings.
    Thanks for considering my entry.

  14. I would love a scholarship to the Super Nutrition Academy. Why am I a good candidate? If anyone knows the necessity of energy, it is someone who does not have it. And that is me. I have chronic kidney disease and had a kidney transplant almost 3 years ago. With the effects of my kidney disease, constant infections, and the effects of the medications (I currently take around 20 pills a day) I must take to keep my transplant, I have very little energy. It is enough to keep me from working full time and keeping a normal life. I know that nutrition is one area that I could improve greatly upon and I believe there is chance for a great effect in my life. I just need the knowledge and tools to be able to implement this. I’m seeking the scholarship also because I cannot afford the course on my own. Between being mostly unemployed and having the large expenses of my medication, money for such things is a luxury I cannot afford. Having this potential knowledge and change over the next year would be life-changing in a profound way.

  15. Rokku

    Hi Yuri :),
    i am not a good seller so I wont win this anyway, but just wanna tell you that you’re doing an amazing thing putting all this stuff about nutrition and exercising here on web. I already learn a tone from you and altgough I only put small part of it to action – I can see results 🙂 that’s why I will be still waiting for your emails. It really can change people lives on every level – that is awesome.
    I also would love to have your book Eating for Energy, but currently I cant afford it. Maybe one day I will be able to putt some money on it- will see 🙂

    so anyways, looking forward for more meetings with you,
    with regards from snowy Poland,

  16. David Horton

    I need to educate myself and my family so we can eat better and be much more healthy.

  17. Hi Yuri,
    I’ve been following your fantastic work for some time now and I promote you through my business which is a food blog. My 3 young kids and I eat a high raw diet. I have wanted to learn in more detail about nutrition, raw food and self care for some years now and being a part of the Super Nutrition Academy would propel me forward on this journey. I love sharing the things I learn with other people in hope to create a healthier world. So, I would LOVE to be a student of the Super Nutrition Academy and in response I say “PICK ME, PICK ME” and jump up and down to be noticed. 🙂

    Stay well, Eileen.

  18. Bradley Hastings

    Discovering proper nutrition has been the most profound experience in my life. I am 24 years old and have suffered acid-reflux symptoms for 8 years. I have been diagnosed with a hiatus hernia, and Barrett’s oesophagus (a pre-cancerous condition) which has changed my perspective on my own nutrition and health. I decided to teach myself about raw foods, and alkalising foods, and came across Eating for Energy. I began to learn how an acidic diet was not only increasing my symptoms but also creating an unhealthy environment within my body. In a way my health issues although a hindrance, are also a positive because they have led me towards the nutritional information which could not only help my current condition, but possibly save my life against many other diet related diseases.
    Nutrition has now became my life, it has affected me in such a way that I now want to pursue it as a career, and hopefully help people who are unaware about the true approach towards healthy nutrition. And who knows, maybe even help people avoid the health related issues I suffer with today. I am not looking for any type of sympathy, but I have just started on this journey towards a healthier life and the learning has just begun, so if I could get this opportunity to learn even more about nutrition, I would be incredibly grateful. Thank you.

  19. I feel I should win a scholarship to super nutrition academy because I have six grandchildren and two daughters who live with me at this time. I have been trying to eat healthier, but my grandchildren need to be more informed also. I am a former teacher, and I can actuallly use this material to make it a Family Class for Better Living. Thank you. I hope I win for my sake and for my family’s sake.

  20. David Snellman

    I have a little personal project going on here.

    I have been interested in developing my health for almost the whole life. But since I bumped into Yuri’s programs by chance, everything has been fantastic, already seen some good results. I hope that, through this Super Nutrition Academy, I would get more detailed information about how to treat my intestine disease. Health issues is essential for me and I plan to take everything out of the program.

    So, please join the ride and watch me become the next Super Nutrition Academy student 🙂

  21. Bethany

    I need to be a student of the nutrition academy because I am sick and tired of being mislead when it comes to information regarding my health and diet! I have fought long and hard to maintain an 85 lb weight loss over the past 3 years but I am still 20 lbs overweight and cannot seem to find what I am doing wrong. I don’t just want a better body; I want to be healthy inside and out; and the nutrition academy can give me the tools to do so. I deserve this scholarship because I have the drive and passion to see the program through. More importantly, I have a loved family member that is losing his battle to cancer and have lost others to heart disease. I want to be the example to my family of what health really means. I want to be a resource for my loved ones so that they know they do not have to accept going through life sick, tired, overweight and unhappy. I want to achieve health and happiness and I want to share it with my loved ones so that they may not have to face the fate of my “family medical history”. I would be so grateful to be a recipient of this scholarship. Thank you Yuri for all that you do.


  22. Fiona

    Hi Yuri. For about 18 months now, I have been following a weight loss and exercise program because I woke up one day & decided I couldn’t do much about getting older (in years) but I wasn’t going to be old, fat & sick. I’ve changed some bad habits for good ones and have had some great results. Now, my focus has shifted slightly. While I am still interested in losing fat & getting fitter, I want to concentrate more on being as healthy as I can be but recently I seem to have been inundated with ‘facts’ & ‘tips’ from different people claiming this is the ‘cure-all’ for all the fat, sick & tired people in the world. Your program looks like the real thing. With its focus on eating whole, real food, what could be a more natural way of nourishing my body so it performs the way it was intended. I would love a scholarship to your academy so I can learn & be guided down the path to radiant, vibrant health.

  23. Eros

    I would truly appreciate the opportunity to be a student of the Super Nutrition Academy because of my personal quest to become more knowledgeable in the role that nutrition plays in order to obtain optimum health and a more satisfying life. As a medical massage therapist I come across patients that would like to improve their quality of life if only they had the proper guidance to reach their goals. I believe that the academy could provide me with the tools necessary to empower my patients to make choices that will enable them to live healthier and more fulfilling lives. By first putting into practice the information learned in the academy I will thus be able to lead by example. Thank you so much for making this opportunity available.

  24. Amanda Powell

    Hi. I am a stay at home mom with three young children. I feel it is my sacred duty to nourish them to the best of my ability. I have already made drastic changes in my own dietary habits since I have had children and seen great improvement in my health. On this journey I have healed my children of excema and other intestinal issues and have been inspired to right a book that I am about to publish called “Food in the Bible”. I was so pleased to see that all of the lies you recently so clearly explained in your presentation, I had also uncovered independantly in my “free” time self guided reseach to write my book. I have no formal health education, but was actually and Air Force Engineer. I seperated from the military to raise a family and now have a passion for health and nutrition. I would love to learn all I can on this topic as I hope to help others in this area like you.

  25. Yuri, I would like to to meet you and discuss a way to help you meet your goal of reaching 10 million people by 2018. I have a BS in Health Science. I am a certified Tai Chi Instructor.I’ve purchased your material in the past and you’re on target with what you’re stating. I’ve been mentored by Dr. Fred Bisci PHD for the past 24 yrs..Fred and myself reside inf Staten Island NY. I am 58 yrs young and feel as good as I did when I was 18 and still am the same weight. I suggest you check Freddie’s sight ( as he is the definitive expert when it comes to health. Fred was dyslexic at an early age and through experimenting with nutrition was cured. He is 82 yrs young , runs 20 to 30 miles a week, and can still with some training , squat press 500lbs behind his back. He was the power weight lifting champion in the navy in 1950. MD’s refer terminal patients to Freddie. To your success Matt 718-984-2447

  26. GB Evans

    I have some cholesterol problems (& an angioplasty in 2003) and am now having some problems with muscle spasms in my neck and back. I have been trying to lose weight, slowly, as a partial solution to these things, but with little success. i suspect my knowledge of appropriate nutrition may be a factor, so I would like to enroll in your program. However, as a retired senior on fixed income, I have limited means to pay tuition, so would appreciate a scholarship for enrollment.

  27. Angela Green


    A time of excitement, hard work, and dietary turmoil. Luckily for me, I have people like you to inform me of better health choices that I can be making early on that will allow me to live a longer, more fulfilling life. However, I would benefit from a scholarship to your Super Nutrition Academy because instilling habits is a very important factor for me to master my health. I am already a student in college, so why not be a student at your fine “institution”? Why not start now and begin applying your lessons as a part of my daily routine? Now is as good a time as ever.

    Teach me how to fish.

  28. Gordon Baxendale

    Hi Yuri,
    My name is Gordon Baxendale and I live in South Africa. I intend opening an alternative healing clinic and practice when I retire from my present work in the next five years. Your program would fit in nicely, as a nutritionaly based system would be more affordable to the majority of people in this country.

  29. Plain and simple, I work with recovering alcoholics and the chemically dependent who are also ADHD, ADD, bipolar, etc. I do a daily body/mind tip lecture emphasizing the importance of proper nutrition for their well being and continued recovery. Nutrition has been a passion for me and I love passing on information that is so vitally important. I often read from the ezine emails you send.
    Thank you for your great help.

  30. Robert Beckett

    On Jan 25th 2010 I weighed 460lbs and was addicted to fast food and pizza. I had edima, sleep apnia, high colesteral, high bp and my resting pulse was 100bpm. I would sometimes wake up in the night with my heart pounding so hard I would sit in my kitchen for hours because I was scared to go back to sleep in case i died. I went vegetarian cold turkey and have never had meat, fast food or pizza since and am now 200 lbs lighter with 60 more to go. I dont have any money to take a course as I live on disability because of health issues and my former weight. I try to eat as clean as possible but it would be nice to have better guidance to nutrition than what I have read on the internet to help me finish the weight loss journey and get myself healthy once more. Cheers Rob

  31. Carmel

    Hi Yuri… I need to be a student of Super Nutrition Academy to be able to process all this information in bite-sized pieces. I have been struggling with hives for just over two years. I tried doctors, allergists, dermatologists and finally saw a naturopath in November. After following a hypo-allergenic diet for 21 days I learned that I have a sensitivity to gluten. I am really struggling with understanding how I need to change my diet and focus on nutrition because there is so much information out there. It ‘s hard to figure out what to do, how to break it down and change my lifestyle and eating habits. Information overload! I think that following weekly modules that focus on a particular topic will really help to reinforce the information and develop new habits. I find the information you have presented in the past to be very easy to follow, very relevant and useful. I want to change my nutritional way of life and that of my family and I need your help.

  32. Kristi Pavelich

    Dear Yuri,
    I am what you would call a “dabbler”. For years now I have been very interested in all kinds of alternative health, medicine and healing techniques. But unfortunately, I have the problem of not being able to practice what I preach. I discovered your videos on youtube while quitting smoking. In the process of doing that I decided to cleanse and go raw. But it always seems to happen, I fall back into my old habits. It appears I need I need some guidance to help strengthen my mind and build new habits! I purchased Eating For Energy but I think my favorite part about it is the inspirational vidoes and emails you send. You are a great motivator and true testiment to what real health can look like. I’m not trying to a** kiss my way into recieving this scholarship. I just think it is amazing the knowledge that SO many people today lack, you are trying to share with the world. I would like to be a part of sharing that knowledge as well. With myself, and as many others possible. Thank you for considering my application, and offering this opportunity to us all.
    Much Love and Respect.

  33. Hello Yuri,

    I have only been raw for 4 mths, but feel as though I’ve been eating this way for a year. I’ve always been interested in having better health. That’s one reason I trained as a Pilates instructor, to improve my own health as well as others. I am interested in bringing better nutritional inspiration and information to my clients. What better way than learning the art of preparing raw food!

    Thank you for considering me.


  34. A really good opportunity here that I will be doing regardless of if I win or not. I have been given a 2nd chance at life by God and if I don’t change I will be dead or worse. So My life is on the line and failure is not a option.

  35. Don S

    Hi Yuri, For the first time in my entire life I am starting to feel healthy and it is marvelous! I am a 56 year old man that had smoked for over 30 years until September 22nd 2011 when I threw the cigarettes away and have not had any craving at all nor desire to ever return to smoking. I had been so sick physically, emotionally and spirtually in 2011 that I had become desperate for help. I was sick and tired of having another pill prescribed and made up my mind to get better myself. I stumbled along surfing the internet for answers and soon found raw foods and how much you can feel better by eating healthy. Anyhow since September last year I began learning to eat properly and exercise. In the past three months I have lost over 40 pounds and have a ton more energy that I never had before. It is fanastic! I really would like to learn all I can about nutrition so that I can help other people find better health!

  36. Marie van Agteren

    As a stay at home homeschooling mother of 4 young children in a single income home I strive to keep myself educated about health and nutrition for their benefit. It all started 9 years ago when my oldest was born. There always seems to be so much to learn. My oldest has sleep issues and both my boys have eczema. I also struggle with low energy and possibly adrenal fatigue and my husband has ostioarthritis in his hip at 36. I know foods matters and we are what we eat and I would love the opportunity to expand my knowledge on the best way to care for my family. Thank you.

  37. Toni Reeves

    Hello, I desperately need to be a student of the Super Nutrition Academy as I am trying to better my own diet as well as that of my two young sons and my husband. I need as much information and assistance as possible so this would be invaluable.
    Many thanks, Toni Reeves

  38. Gera Phielix

    I used to consider myself healthy. But lately my asthma has been the bane of my existance. One bad asthma attack and it takes me weeks to recover fully. I believe in eating healthy, and always looking for new ideas on proper nutrition. I also suffer from IBS, and I think most of my problems stem from that. I believe my asthma and IBS can be improved with proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. I exercise 4 times a week, but there are days that my lungs feel tight and I just can’t get through the routines I normally breeze through. It was an agonizingly slow process to find the right balance to get my IBS improved and the right exercise that wont aggrevate my asthma. I believe if I understand more of the fundementals of nutrition, that I can get these chronic illnesses under control.

  39. Rick campos

    Hello Yuri,
    First I would like to thank you for all you do for so many and to tell you that you are truly making a difference in peoples lives. I have been following your site now for about two months and I have been really benifitting from your thought process. I feel I have found someone who is training the whole person and not just the body. I am a fifty-three year old male who has been athletic all my life however it seems it gets harder to stay in shape the older I get. I am also very interested in getting he right nutritional information as there is so much out there one doesn’t know what to believe or follow. I would be very excited to be one of your student in your academy.
    Rick Campos

  40. Mark Gbillah

    Hi Yuri, I have absolutely no previous training in nutrition or health related programs but the fact that I receive your correspondence is proof that I am on a quest to take control of my health, life and nutrition. I am not quite sure how effective Super Nutrition Academy is but it sure sounds like a good opportunity to find the answers I have been looking for and this time not just for myself but for my family and others like myself from my part of the world who are increasingly becoming overweight, unhealthy and unhappy and without access to the necessary life changing information their urgently desire. Access to the internet is a luxury were I come from so you can imagine how difficult it is to be properly informed about life changing issues like this. Who knows, this might just be the opportunity for me to be an ambassador of these expedient discoveries to my local peers.

  41. As a young child, I was very close to my father, even wearing his massive underpants, probably just to feel close to him. But when I was 4 years old, he turned his back on his family when he started flirting with a young girl. I was a very sensitive child, and felt the sting of his rejection. I began to eat as a way to feel comfort. And eat. And eat, struggling with overeating ever since, and picked up 60kg in the process. A year ago, I attempted my first raw food diet for 30 days. I felt so good that I did another 2 months of it, until I suddenly fell off the bandwagon once again. It’s taken me a year to attempt a raw food diet again so that I can lose the weight I put on through emotional distress. I’ve been at it for almost 2 weeks now and feeling much better. I set up two websites to help others who struggle with overeating and weight and am trying to teach them the real truth about weight loss and nutrition. On both sites, I promote Eating for Energy. This program would help me to promote it in a unique way, as I would have first-hand knowledge of it. Added to that, it would help me achieve my weight loss goals, and empower me to help others better through my websites, touching my life and a multitude of others just as desperate for health as I am.

  42. Nutrition and health have always been important to me and my family. Being the father of eight children, health and nutrition has been a way for my family to get the most out of life. After years of research, I have found that health, nutrition, and exercise are some of the most valuable issues that we face as humans. There are consequences for everything that we put into our bodies, some good and others can be very hazardous, and even dangerous. Nutrition is a mind set, and once you determine the importance of health and nutrition, the sooner you can reap the benefits. Your life style changes for the better. You have a better outlook and positive attitude on life, and you feel better and able to enjoy life to the full. I would like to be a student of the Super Nutrition Academy, so that I can benefit my family, myself, and others in the value of nutrition, health, and exercise. Every person is different, but some things are of value to all people, and nutrition is one of them, and the more education I would receive would be priceless.

  43. Paul Perkal

    I’ve already done a moderate amount of research into nutrition, and it has changed my eating and buying habits. In addition to learning to avoid such unhealthy foods as refined sugar and hydrogenated fats, I’ve been using such interesting and healthy alternatives as kefir (made from “grains”), stevia, konjac, Lauricidin, xylitol, and red yeast rice. I still need to learn more to have a thorough knowledge of nutrition, though my income is somewhat low and unpredictable right now, so I’m hoping for a scholarship to your course.

    I volunteer as tutor in a local literacy and GED program. One of my students is starting to take community college courses to prepare her for a nursing program, and one of the classes I’m helping her with right now is nutrition. So if I take your course, you’ll be helping more than one person, and most likely helping even more people in the future. The topic I was helping her with on Wednesday night was soft drinks that use artificial sweeteners. While I knew some of the hazards, and I was quick to recommend xylitol and non-GMO stevia over aspartame, sucralose, and the other chemicals, I didn’t know much about the possibility of these more hazardous sweeteners stimulating the appetite and causing other similar problems. This is the kind of thing I’m hoping to learn in this course.

  44. katrina

    I would love to be a student for Super Nutrition Academy because there is so much confusing information out there and i have been reading info about Yuri and his programs and it feels like a reliable source and my husband and i have purchased treadmill trainer and elliptical trainer program from Yuri and this will just be the cream to top off our new healthy lifestyles……looking forward to this amazing information…….

  45. Kylie English

    I would love to win a scholarship with the Superior Nutrition Academy because as an Allied Health professional within Australia I feel I would be able to give myself and my clients a better perspective of what eating and living heathy is truly about.
    I believe your approach peels away the many layers of confusing marketing and advertising information that I am confronted by in the constant struggle to educate my clients in better ways to improve their health and nutrition.
    I like yourself have attempted to educate myself over the years in different nutritional perspectives but have yet to be able to deliver some really scientific information in any easy to understand manner.
    I run many clinics and courses for obese and generally over weight people who have co morbid health conditions, I would love to be able to deliver somethng that can really make an impact on their heeath and lifestyle.

  46. Robyn Iacuone

    Dear Yuri,
    I am currently studying for my Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine to get my Australian “piece of paper”. I am wanting to study the latest, holistic courses so I am able to help myself achieve wellness, finding a way to heal my diabetes, weight problems and to be able to live a long and happy life and then be able to help other find the way to be the healthiest they can.
    I wish you successful with the new academy, I know you will be helping thousands of people to find their answer too.

    Kind regards,
    Robyn Iacuone

  47. I believe this opportunity will support my understanding of how the body heals and how food supports this, in a wholistic manner. In my work as a massage therapist I find my clients have various health issues, and I would like to inspire them to consider how nutrition can support them finding good health.

  48. hello Yuri,
    i am currently on a workout program for two weeks,since our Daniel Fasting lasted 21 days from Jan.9 to 29,i am already accustomed to eat less rice and more fruits and vegetables but since i am still on the obese stage so i enrolled myself on a gym with a trainor,i weighed 116kilos at my 1st day of enrollment,two weeks after i lose 3 kilos and counting..i would love to combine this with proper nutrition so i pray that i will be chosen as one of your scholar in your academy.Because my Desire is to Really have a new Look and a new Life this year,i am 57 and a mother of 4 grown up kids and a grandmother of 1 toddler and 1 infant,my husband also is a health conscious man and i would love to see long life and good health in my we will be a model and example here in Zamboanga city,philippines. are blessed to be a Blessings!

  49. Jamy Noesges

    I’m trying to reverse my type 2 diabetes using whole, natural foods, exercise, supplements, and other natural methods. After 52 years of eating junk, I need help!

  50. Jeannie Vorster

    Since a young girl of 12 I’ve been drawn to health. I studied Health Promotion, opened a vegan restuarant. supplied health shops with made foods & taught aerobics… Long story short went to South Korea. fell into depression for 6 yrs. but now im back. i run a little health shop & give vegan cooking demos around South Africa. but the biggest challenge are the farmers in our area whose staple diet is rice, potatoes, meat. we are slowly educating those willing. but i want to do more. i’ve done Jason Vales 7lbs in 7 days juice fast. LOVED IT. i treated my mom with juices & smoothies after massive opp for 4 months. I have several requests to do meal plans for cleansing diets (raw) & clients that are ‘sick’… i firmly believe (from reading and testing) this is the way to go. I am a Christian and see the direct link between who i am & what i put in my body.
    I want to not only believe what im sharing but know with confidence that im sharing the correct educated info… SA is not too well known for its education centres in Health & so have often looked at options in US… however the exchange rate has held me back with several options. Im eager to learn. i test everything before i share & i have a fab healthy hubby who shares the same lifestyle and views. our dream is to one day open a lifestyle centre to help heal and educate. txs for all ur sharing.

  51. Vicki Howell

    I am fairly new to this Raw Food bonanza and began my personal journey 5 months ago to make a difference with a health issue I have been living with for 20+ years. Type 1 diabetes. I have to say the changes have been remarkable up to this point. Dropping my insulin by 25%, gaining more energy than ever, dropping some weight. And the big one for me sensing positive changes in mood, focus and clarity beyond what I imagined. This lifestyle is turning into a passion that I now want to explore and share with others. I teach a wonderful movement program called Nia Technique, so I mix with health conscious people constantly who will benefit greatly if I can share this sort of knowledge.
    Getting back to me, it’s all bout me!! Ha Ha……I want and need to get into the nitty gritty of this stuff. To move forward and improve on what has already been achieved would be a blessing. Scientific and Nutritional study on whys and hows is really where I need to be looking now. I feel I have reached some sort of plateau and your Super Nutrition Academy I am sure will give me further guidance and learning to understand better the nutritional side of things. I am serous about learning all I can, after all my life and health depend on it. Thank you for this opportunity Yuri.

  52. Cindy Balog

    Yuri, I lost my husband in October I am waking up my body from his death. So now I am the care giver to myself. I just started walking this month to loose weight. I’m not really eating much but fresh fruits and vegetables, because my taste buds are still numb. I know I have to start eating like normal. But I don’t want to eat what I ate normally before. I want to be a new type of person now. I want to eat healthy food without all that crap: preservatives and chemicals. I am trying alkaline water for the last two weeks and it really cleans you out. I’m taking vitamins again and hopefully you can help in that department too! Well I want to be on the healthy path for the rest of my life. There is allot of bad stuff out there and I don’t want to go down the old road. You sound like you went through allot of hardship to find your healthy path to life. I honor you for that and this is your way to give back.You are the kind of person I am too, a healer of health. Bless you Yuri, for giving me the chance to transcend the most valuable knowledge of our own health through Super Nutrition Academy. I look forward to be one of your best students.
    Nutritiously, Cindy

  53. Jackson

    I deserve a scholarship because I have struggled incredibly with my health and food addictions aswell as emotional problems for most of my life. I have done so much work to help myself and others. I have even re-engineered a meditation technique that will change the world faster than anything out there. I really need the knowledge to kick the meat and cooked food. I am trying to get the healthiest I can be so I can be happy and help others and I believe raw food is the way to advance that. I think I deserve it because of the work I put in and the love I share it with.

  54. Tuan

    Everyone deserves it. If this is something valuable for health of me and others then I’ll be glad to be one of the students. Good luck for all 🙂

  55. Vincent Rodriguez

    This year I turn 37 years old and I am really starting the feel the affects of being raised on very improper diet of fast food and processed garbage. The pounds are becoming harder to come off and with alcoholism, diabetes and heart disease being the most predominate family heirlooms being passed down from generation to generation, I believe it is time for a change. Unfortunately with all the misinformation circulating out there by so called experts that it becomes extremely overwhelming wading through so much contradictory information that I almost gave up on it. However, I soon stumbled on a teacher named Yuri Elkaim, who is not only very knowledgeable person in regards to nutrition but also a very giving individual who has not only answered many of my own questions but also the questions of countless others through his youtube channel. He has a very precise way of delivering his knowledge that I honestly cannot wait to take part in his new his new project, The Super Nutrition Academy. Being new to this new form of nutritional information I know that not only I would benefit from a scholarship to this new project but my friends and family as well, as would show what I learned. Also being a father of four and a fulltime student, a scholarship would help out my family monetarily as well. Regardless I will take part in this new endeavor created by Mr. Elkaim and I would like to once again thank him for his superb knowledge that has set me on a stable path which has made me a fan of the raw food diet.

    Thank you,
    Vincent Rodriguez

  56. I am 68 years old, have MS and Osteoporosis and am doing my best to eat as nutritiously as possible. I need all the help I can get. Super Nutrition Academy is my answer. The Modules contain a lot of info that I wish I knew now. However, I’m sure the cost is more than I can afford (which is very little, and right now it’s nothing); so it would be extremely nice to win a scholarship to the Academy.

    I think I deserve to win this scholarship because I’m hard working and I have a great interest in the subject of nutrition and I would share the info I learn with others to help them change their lives for the better. Who knows, I may be completely healed of MS with this info and a change of diet. I believe it can happen!

  57. Leslie Krake

    I need expert and unbiased nutritional information to help me back on the road to good health. I have been extremely ill for the past 28 years with allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma and allergic conjunctivitis since the age of 43 years. Although I have been under continuous medical care, I haven’t improved and the conventional medical treatment is based on the use of corticosteroids. I am fortunate to have a very good cardiovascular system and on that basis, it has been medically recommended that I am a suitable person to take Prednisolone for the rest of my life despite the fact that I am osteopenic and suffer thinning of the skin, bruising, gastric reflux, hormone inbalance etc. Based upon medical dietary advice it seems that the “healthier I eat, the sicker I become”. I live alone and on the occasions that I have been bed-ridden thus not eating and just drinking water, I noted that my breathing improved. Further, following some dental work, the Dentist strongly advised me to take Nurofen (ibuprofen) which I did resulting in a life threatening situation within 30 minutes requiring Ambulance service and hospitalization for 6 days. As a result of long time use of Prednisolone and the emergency treatment with adrenalin and hydrocortisone, it has pushed me into a type 2 diabetic condition. I note that if I don’t take Prednisolone my blood glucose level remains in the normal range. Clearly, my problem is nutritionally based and I need better advice.

  58. Marlene Travis

    I need to be a student of Super Nutrition Academy because what I have learned already has been revolutionary. To be “crystal clear”, I plan to live as healthy as possible today which is only achieved when my actions are congruent with who I am! I love and seek health – in all my “SPIES” – Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social.
    For 12 years, I have chosen to lower my priority of my physical health. I cringe within to do this. But I left an abusive marriage with 4 very small kids. The only way I knew to protect, be present and provide for them was to be there during the day and work late at night doing what a 2nd parent should do. I developed survival skills and was sleep-deprived. I turned to carbs and sugars to stay awake during the day and night.
    My actions have been incongruent with who I am. I chose to give “health” to my 4 teenagers more than me. Now, they are supporting me to restore my health
    I would appreciate a scholarship. I work fulltime as a massage therapist in my home so I can be a present parent. It is not sufficient for us. I do not want to lower my health priority due to lack of funds.
    My first thinking habit to instill is to move from convenience to health! That means I have to prepare food and not “grab something.”
    Thank you for considering my request.

  59. Belinda Banger

    I am your perfect student because if I can navigate your information, learn the truth behind nutrition and master applying that truth at 40 years old, anyone can. Further, when I master Super Nutrition Academy, I am poised to share it broadly. I have literally tried every other road map to supposed health & well-being. You see, I grew up eating good old American comfort foods. My family loved to cook, bake and eat-and we were good at it. I was somewhat overweight my whole life, until my twenties when I started down a road of dieting and exercise but the path was always based on the latest trend. I’ve tried just about every diet or marketed solution that has come along since the late 80’s. Since then, I have ‘looked’ like I was in the best shape of my life several times over again, yet I am weak, tired and in pain. I struggle with low energy, severe allergies, sinus issues, joint pain and a mental fog. However, I’ve worked in the healthy living industry for 11 years, as a Vice President for the YMCA for 8 years and a CEO of a non-profit dedicated to inclusionary recreation for people with disabilities. One would think I might understand a little about diet and exercise, yet I find myself, like most Americans trapped in misinformation and confusion. With a scholarship and access to your academy, I could find my solution and share the Super Nutrition solution to impact health broadly!

  60. Yes, I am Grace

    I am very interested to learn real true about nutrition/food. I read a lot of books and look various sites on Internet ..and I am confused because there are a lot of contradictions (example milk, bread, fat).
    I am really fed up with more learning as I eat good healthy food and still obese. Nothing works.
    I am not able to come to USA as I am in Australia…so I hope someone will win who can go to your School. It will be nice to hear from you even a little true. Thanks

  61. jake

    I need to be a SNA student to learn as much as i can about health an nutrition so i can provide a better way of living for my family. Cheers

  62. I’m Phil and I’m a big fan of Total Wellness consulting, simply based on the fact that Yuri’s guidelines are about the only things I’ve ever tried that actually work. I’ve never been severely obese, never incredibly fit, just kind of big/average for most of my life. I spend years choking down protein shakes and chicken breast and lifting heavy weights to try to keep up with the Muscle and Fitness philosophy, but always wondered why I couldn’t get under 200 lbs. Yuri’s three month fitter u program got me there. I’m in the third week of phase 3 right now (my second time through the program) and it’s done wonders for me. I just want to learn more about proper nutrition for myself and my family.

  63. I need to win one of your coveted Super Nutrition Academy Places because I have spent thousands of pounds on my education so far and I am still confused with the information out there! I help my clients change their life through nutrition, fitness, hydration and I need to be telling them the TRUTH about what works, what doesn’t and why. I have many success stories so far but I want to take my knowledge to a new level and by winning one of your coveted Super Nutrition Academy Places I believe that will be able to do this.

    My mission is to educate people and change their lives by making them think differently about the food they eat and the way that they live their life :o).

    My moto is Live C.L.E.A.N, get lean, stay lean.

    Thank you!


  64. I looked at your program today and immediately knew it was what I wanted to do, but couldn’t find the price. I need to be in your program for at least two important reasons. First, so that I am more fully educated and can offer nutritional guidance to my clients; secondly, because my colon ruptured recently and I’m looking for accurate information on how to proceed with my diet. I need another surgery in a few weeks to reverse my colostomy and more colon removed. I’ve been interested in diet and nutrition since I was 18, have eaten organically for 40+ years, studied nutrition on my own all this time, been vegetarian, vegan, experimented with macrobiotics and raw foods. I’ve got a history of candidiasis. My experience outweighs my education in nutrition, though. I’d very much appreciate the opportunity to absorb this great wealth of knowledge that you have compiled all in one place. I nearly died three months ago, so I’m serious about getting the knowledge I need and applying it to my life, but also want to be able to share it and educate others. I am in a good position to do that as a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, manual therapist. My clients and friends thought I was the ideal model of health. To find out that I have extensive diverticular disease is a shock beyond my wildest imaginings. Since then I I’ve been trying to problem solve my condition, looking for the cause and trying to figure out how to eat the rest of my life, in a way that won’t cause further damage to my colon. The doctors don’t have a clue about what I should be eating, and nutritionists in general only have a small piece of my particular puzzle. I need a big picture right now, so that I can figure out what happened to my colon in the past few years. I won’t be able to afford your program for a while, since I cannot work at this time.

  65. Will Cogswell

    First off I’m a “Yuri Disciple.” It started with Eating for Energy, which led to Treadmill Trainer. Then your stretching program, yoga and fitter-u-fitness. I’m in my 50’s, work out or run 3-5 days per week and will soon be running in my first 10K race. I eat a green smoothie every morning and have given up red meat, processes foods, dairy and wheat. 70 % of my daily intake are fruits and vegetables. I have found personal reward in helping others in their quest for better health through nutrition and exercise. I’ve red five other books on nutrition and the human body and would like to dither my education. Who knows I may want to do this full time in the future. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in your new nutrition course.

    Will Cogswell

  66. Sandor

    My name is Sandor Nagy and I’m a competing natural bodybuilder. I really need having this knowledge about nutritions, as it definatelycould help even in off-season, but particularly in my diet. It’s really hard to achieve 5% bodyfat or lower and I hope this all could be help on my way.

  67. Hi Yuri, thank you for your invitation to join you at the academy. Eating raw food has changed my health and my life so much. I have been into raw food for a few years now; I have had chef training from raw chefs here in the UK. I have also had much training from people like your self through e-books and the internet.

    I do help people in a small way to improve their diets through my website, and I am opening a restaurant soon which will specialise in raw and healthy cooked food. I would really like to attend a professional training like this to improve my own skills so that I can pass on these skills on to help other people.

    Kind regards, John.

  68. Kate C.

    I am studying to become a registered nurse with BSN. I believe in our body’s ability to heal itself when given the right nutrition. I do not like the idea of “drugging” people and would love to use my profession and knowledge to educate people. It’s sad that there are a lot of misconception about healthy eating these days. I hope to use the knowledge I gain from Super Nutrition Academy to help people to a better life.

  69. I need to be a student of Super Nutrition Academy because my first priority in life is to be healthy and stay healthy in order to be a good example for others to be healthy and stay healthy. Nutrition is the fundamental criteria for health and health is fundamental for happiness. Only when we are healthy and happy we have the impact on the health and happiness of people around us. As a certified Aromatherapist, one of my important topic is nutrition. Nutrition is a topic that contains endless information and knowledge. My intention and goal is to improve my own health and also the health of others. A part of my job is giving talks and workshops in order to educate people of various environments about to improve their well being and health that also partly includes nutrition. I am convinced that by becoming a student of Super Nutrition Academy will help me with my intention and goal to become an even better messenger. There is no limit in learning and studying and I love learning and studying new things I am interested in. Receiving guidance and knowledge by professionals in a topic that interests me (Super Nutrition Academy) is a blessing and a gift. I would be a very happy and blessed person if I will be the lucky one to win a scholarship for the Super Nutrition Academy.

  70. Ray

    Nutrition is the foundation of good health and wellbeing. We are what we eat. There seens to be lots of conflicting advice and opinions in circulation about what is good for you and what is not good for you eg. how much protein, fats, carbs, fibre etc. It is obviously a complex science. You appear to have some pretty impressive people recommending you, so I’m interested to see if you can clarify a lot of issues I am struggling to understand about good nutrition. I already have a diploma from the International Academy of Nutrition here in Australia.

  71. Wizz

    To you I’m just an email address
    But to me you are one of the best
    My mum died of cancer when I was young
    And that was when my mission began
    Doing whatever it would take
    I did not want cancer to be my fate.
    Approaching 51 – when my mother died
    Was a scarey time, I cannot lie.
    But that was the time that I found you
    Changing my approach once more to food
    Now it’s my turn to give something back
    Spreading your word with not fiction but facts.
    You’ll never know how much you’ve helped me
    Can’t wait for the Super Nutrition Acadamy

  72. Vogiatzi Maria

    If I was alive somewhere between 460 and 377 BC, Hippocrates would probably tell me all about nutrition and health himself.

    But now I am just confused. Because, Health Industry is a crazy world. And everybody swears in Hippocrates’ name. I have to know. Plus, I have to defend this poor guy’s honor.

  73. Hi Yuir, This would be like a lottery for me so; I’d just like to be in IT to win IT. If I don’t write a comment I guess I don’t stand a chance to win. And I don’t want to brag about the reasons why or why not I deserve this….we all deserve it! But of course….I will put it to good use. Firstly, I would teach my self and apply the knowledge personally put it all into practice. Secondly, share it with my family, friends, and people in my community, teach them better habits and encourage them to apply it in their daily routine. Finally, I’d love to spread the news by way of promotion, that is promoting you (which I am already in the habit of doing) and teach others to put it into practice. I hope this is what you like to hear! Good luck to me & everyone!

  74. Lowana Handley

    I love watching the videos and reading the emails from Yuri, with lots of great and informative information. Yuri is very down to earth and easy to listen to. I’ve had chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia for 13 years. It’s put a lot of extra stress in our family. I have adjusted to living with pain, sickness and fatigue for a long time.
    I havn’t had much support from doctors and there is a lot of conflicting advice out there.
    Yuri’s videos and tips have made a lot of sense to me. I would love to learn from his vast experience of health knowledge, get well myself and them be able to empower others to get well too.

  75. I am so passionate about health and healthy food. I love learning new things and then passing my knowleadge to those who really need it.

    I live in a country where nutrition is not important when treating a disease, i want to change that and be the first nutritionist to focus on eating and healthy lifestyle and positive thoughts to cure and prevent disease.

    I want to know more, i want to know everything i can, to teach that to others.


  76. Kamen

    Hi im Kamen im fifteen years old and im currently studying at an IT school.Im pretty fit but some of my classmates are pretty fat.So i cant say i really need the Super Nutrition Academy but if i get it ill try to help as much pleople as possible with it.

  77. Kristen

    Nutriene is something I have been working on and seem to keep failing. I feel I need the extra support to aid my training.

  78. Diana

    I’m rather old to get a scholarship! But I would dearly love to learn at the feet of my maestro, Yuri. I give exercise classes as an Instructor (see Born Again Bodies, New Zealand) and give out a lot of information on exercise and the benefits (to the brain, “Spark! How exercise will improve the performance of your brain”, Dr Hon J Ratey and Eric Hagerman), food and the benefits (eg Dr Mary Newport’s book on the wonders of coconut oil on her husband with Alzheimers), but I would like to be better equipped and understand more about nutrition. It’s so important to be able to point people, especially those getting older, that food can supply what our bodies need and the reasons why. I’ve so enjoyed your short clips Yuri and follow you on facebook too. Do you think older people can have an impact on the world, or should we just depend on the younger generation? I gave 6 exercise classes this last week, so maybe not quite over the wall yet.

  79. Catherine Wong

    I have been bombarded with health information from so many different sources that I am really confused as to which information is relevant. After listening to your web videos over the past few days, I am truly convinced by your sincerity to provide us with rationale explanation and guidelines on how to live a healthy life by adopting good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

    As I have just retired from a 9 to 5 job, I have been considering doing something that I am passionate about. Health and nutrition is the area that I am very interested in. I am confident that I can learn a lot from your program and armed with the right knowledge, I will also be able to share with others who are as lost as I in the pursuit of health.

  80. Fernando

    Hi!! I am from Spain and have been following you for the last year or so. I discovered by sheer chance your channel on YouTube and since then I check daily for updates. Since I had a few health issues I found you so inspiring that decided to buy your book and I am glad I did. I changed my diet, started doing more exercise and my health is improving and I feel better every day. Now I just want to keep educating myself and I know I could learn so much from you. I want to get the answers I have been looking for and you seem to have them all!!!! And that is why I would love to be a student of Super Nutrition Academy.

  81. Athena Dyer

    To help myself, others and share your mission to spread the power of knowledge. I have yet to conquer my own chronic pain and when I do I want to share the love. Thank you Yuri!

  82. Maik

    Hi Yuri, I guess my reason for wanting the SNA scholarship is not that different to many others, in that nutrition is still the one area of my health that keeps throwing a spanner in the works of significant weight loss. Having used your workouts for a number of years now, I find it hard to maintain the momentum due to lack of energy and intermittent illness, no doubt caused by bad nutrition. I think I know a fair amount about nutrition, not least due to your excellent eMails and Youtube videos, but something more structured, providing me with actionable and achievable steps, would be such a great benefit. I need to crack this, if not for myself, then to be the most healthy and energetic Dad I can be for my two little girls and teenage son.

  83. Natasha Peters

    Hi! I would LOVE to be a student of Super Nutrition Academy. I have been reading and learning about health and food for the last couple of months and you are right: there is much to be confused about. I have already cut out some sources of information, as I knew they were not the path that suits me.
    Your way of explaining things, and breaking up the learning process in doable pieces, and learning new habits to really let the message sink in, I love that.
    I really need healthy habits, especially eating habits. I am a very happy and positive person, but my body does often not agree. Fatigue, headache, overweight, itching and more.
    I find it very hard to apply what I think is the right way to eat, and that makes it also hard to feed my family the right way.
    My youngest son was ill to death of his allergies last year. Doublesided pneumonia. He is only 6 years old. I sure want to feed him to health.
    I could SO need your help. 🙂

  84. Amanda Parsons

    My husband and I are both 47, both work out regularly and eat as healthily as our lifestyle, and knowledge, permits. As with others, we both have medical and physical limitations brought about by past habits, injuries and age but fully believe, and are committed to, the reversing and repairing the damage through nutrition and exercise. We know it is possible. Unfortunately, nothing so far has worked sustainably.
    My husband’s work requires us to live in hotels in various countries. To some it may sound great but eating out/hotel food is not healthy [even salads come with fried potato and bread!] so I prepare and cook as much as I can as we carry a halogen oven with us. Believe me, buying food is ‘interesting’ when you don’t know the language, so I get as fresh and close to raw as I can, even if I don’t know what it is!
    Yes, we have restricted, limited and pared everything to the bone and are totally frustrated with the lack of results. We know nutrition is the core of what we require to succeed yet, as said, the information overload is as damaging as being totally ignorant. I need to know what foods to combine and how. A carrot is still a carrot in any language, but is it good for me and how should I use it to obtain maximum benefit? And then there is exercise …
    We need help and I believe Super Nutrition Academy will be it.

  85. Gary Paterson

    As a 60 year old training for two marathon this year I feel eating the way I do may not allow for a good race time or allow for a challenging training program .Nutrition is an area that in the past did not bother me while taking part in sports but now I need all the advantages of a good diet and a strong running program like the marathon program to push for a good finish time and also feel and look good.Age groupers around the world be wiser and healthier if they had access to a good nutrition guide to work from.

  86. Caroline

    I need to becomea student of Super Nutrition Academy because I have tried everything else and nothing has worked. I have ME and nobody in Australia knows much about it. I beleve your programme will work for me. I have been a carer for my Mother and Father all my life, Now it is my turn to get well that my Job is done now that this caring roll is over I am ready bring it on.
    I welcome and understand what it takes to do what is nessasary to get well. Caroline

  87. It would be so wonderful to win a scholarship to the Academy as my husband of 34 years has been fighting stage IV cancer for two years and we’ve spent all of our savings on trying to help him get better. Medicare will pay nothing towards these holistic treatments we are trying to pay for and I would love to learn more in the nutrition field that

    I would love to win a scholarship to your super nutrition academy as my husband of 33 years has been battling stage IV cancer for almost two years now and Medicare pays nothing for the holistic treatments we are trying to pay for. Most of our friends in our senior years have been hit by cancer, some couples where both are now battling it. My desire is to help them gain their health back, but first I need to learn more about eating healthy. My heart’s desire is to help my wonderful husband and our dear friends.

  88. I have always been interested in nutrition, and especially in raw food. I started many years reading Gunther. I would like to be able to improve my health and to be able to help many other people with their health problems. I am especially interested in cancer.

  89. Amy Catchpole

    Hi Yuri, reading the comments above I see there are many people who need or want this for very good reasons. It’s wonderful to see how many people are trying to make the change to a healthier lifestyle.

    I’ve slowly been changing my diet and lifestyle over the last 5 years to a point where I am only now feeling like I have things under control. I’ve had all sorts of health issues during my life, from asthma, sinuses and allergies to candida throughout my body – that one I’m still trying to get rid of.

    Through my research and slow progress I have become progressively more and more excited about nutrition, and I have a dream of one day studying nutrition and going into business helping others to learn what I’ve learned over the years… and more! If I was given this opportunity it would greatly increase the chances of my dream coming true – perhaps far sooner than I could have hoped!

    Whatever your choices, I wish the best of luck to those who win, and hope that they will all use the knowledge to the best of their abilities and will live healthy and fulfilled lives as a result.

    All the best,

  90. Marija Jankovic

    Hi Yuri,

    Having been active and in shape most of my life, I found gaining weight during my pregnancy depressing and hard to cope with. I thought being someone who had been exercising her whole life would give me some sort of “get out of your maternity clothes free pass”. I thought I’d come home from the hospital and in a few weeks or so would be wearing my regular jeans. I have to say, it was a horrible moment when I reached for those pants and realized I couldn’t even get them up past my thighs. After a few weeks of this frustration, I had totally lost confidence in myself and my ability to achieve my goals. Like so many women in this position, I was so overwhelmed with motherhood.

    I certainly didn’t know whose body I was looking at in the mirror. I looked at my bulging, shapeless body and thought, “Oh it’s not so bad. I’m a mom now; this is how my body is supposed to look.” But as soon as this thought went through my head, I knew that I need to create a plan for myself to slim down and get in shape that fit into my life as a mother. Gone were the days where I had long stretches of time to exercise
    and the endless energy to do so. I needed an effective, efficient plan I could easily squeeze into my hectic and often unpredictable life with a baby. Thanks Yuri for the incredible FitterU and Eating for Energy plans! It’s a plan that you can easily fit into your life, and it’s flexible enough to keep you interested and excited about living a healthy lifestyle – during pregnancy, immediately afterward, and beyond.

    I am looking forward to learn more from you! I truly believe that all women deserve to feel fit, strong and confident. So slip on your workout clothes and get ready to feel like a Super Fit Mama :)!

    Many thanks Yuri!
    -Marija from Belgrade, Serbia

  91. charles

    I was cycling out of town the other day and i went past a youngish guy with some of the worst acne i have ever seen. fuck, it doesn’t have to be like that you know; i wanted so much to run after him and tell him i could help him with a strict diet and exercise regime. i think i lacked the confidence to do this. i hope being a SNA student might change this and also help me further my own knowledge especially with regard to boosting cholesterol and testosterone levels on a vegan diet. thanks yuri.

  92. Vanessa Gummoe

    I grew up watching my mom struggle with her weight. She tried every diet known to man and nothing worked. She takes meds for her thyroid, diabetes, hormones, and countless other supplements. She has a “pill box” the size of a laptop and takes a handful of “stuff” with most of her meals. She jokes that her pills are her meals. I made a promise to myself I will not be that person. So what i did was eat what I wanted, when I wanted, how I wanted. The end result. I tipped the scale at 260 LBS. I kept telling myself I feel “fine” so I am “fine”. 10 years later I am just under 200 LBS and do not know what I did. I know I need to exercise, eat more fruit and veggies, and stay away from sweets. And so dose everyone else in the world. The moment I head you quote “let food be your med, and your med be your food” something in me clicked. I wanted to know more about the healing factors of food. My husband is 20 years older then I am. I would like to out live him, and I should. If I do not change myself and eating habits, I will not do that. With your help I know I will be able to reach my goals. Out live my husband, get to a healthy body weight, be more energized, and be healthier me all around.

  93. Søren

    Hej Yuir

    Søren fra Danmark her… jeg skriver til dig på dansk da jeg kan forstå at du er halv dansk så håber du forstår det 🙂

    Jeg kunne virkelig godt tænke mig at vinde dit super nutrition academy. Fordi du har virkelig styr på dine ting og er kanon god til at forklare det så man forstår det. Plus så er kost/nutrition noget jeg ikke har så meget styr på i forhold til min træning så derfor kunne det virkelig være kanon hvis jeg vandt…

    forsæt med det gode arbejde for du hjælper rigtig mange også udenfor Amerikas grænser…

    Ps. Peter Schmeichel er verdens bedste målmand ever 🙂


    I have been looking for a sincere and dedicated coach, who would really put me through in the area of healthy food and nutrition,finally, i have found one.
    I also want to help my immediate families and friends who i’m really sure need help very seriously and urgently.
    Finally, thanks Yuri for this opportunity, it’s really a dream come true for me.

  95. Greetings,

    I am so excited about Super Nutrition Academy! Fitness has always been a part of my life, however I had been missing the nutritional component. I was able to look fit because of the amount of calories I was expending versus the intake. Sadly the calories taken in were predominantly from sweets. So, outside appearances and even above average performances were masking my actual internal fitness and health. I know the time would be coming when it would catch up to me as it had for my father who suffered a debilitating stroke. I look to break the cycle and become educated in order to educate and implement what the Super Nutrition Academy teaches. I have gotten so much from your emails and video clips and look to expand on that. Additionally, situational changes now afford me the time to immerse myself full force into the program…and I welcome the opportunity with a hungry mind.

  96. Celine

    Hi Yuri, for long I thought that a raw vegan diet was about nibbling carrots and cumcumbers. Then, when I was seeking a way to improve my energy on the net to be at my best for my son, I stumbled upon your eating for energy e-book, which I bought and followed since then. I am an experienced finance professional, but I am ready now to leave this career behind me and engage in a new path: helping others improve their life by mastering their diet, and I need to start by acquiring more knowledge which I believe the Super Nutrition Academy could offer me.
    Thanks a lot for your help so far. Have a good day, Celine

  97. Ian Martyn

    Hi there Yuri, I would love to be a student of Super Nutrition Academy as I am a Dad who was “blinded” with conventional stance on health until my youngest Son was diagnosed with Leukemia. This started me on a journey of research which has changed my path in life. I have been astounded & continue to be, with the things I am finding out about nutrition & health & the strong link between the two. I have introduced many changes into our family’s diet & we are all benefiting from this healthwise. We are not fully there yet, but are making progress & I would love more education about nutrition to help me on the way. I am an electro-mechanical engineer by profession but have recently started studying to be a naturopath. I intend to do a career change to help others with this knowledge & do what I can to assist with their health challanges. Sadly my Son lost his battle for life with his illness, but I owe it to his memory to do what i can to educate & empower others so that their lives & health are not lost either. It is a long story I could tell, but it would take too long here. keep up the good work & thanks again. Regards, Ian

  98. Dear Yuri, Hello my name is Cathy and I started my “journey” a little over 3 years ago. When I was 40 years old I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and was borderline diabetic. This really scared me. I had just adopted my son and wanted to live to see him grow up. Family history is not on my side, you see, my mom died of a brain anurism when I was just 20 years old. And 9 months later my dad passed away of a heart attach. I decided I did not want to repeat, so I joined a gym and have been trying to eat better, but I feel something is still missing…knowledge! I have been all over the internet looking for some answers. I think that YOU have the answers that I have been searching for. I have lost 190 lbs in 2 years but struggle to be the healthiest person that I can be for myself and my son. I now have other people looking to me for advise and guidance and I feel with you your help and knowledge I could succeed further than ever before. My new goal is to not only become more healthy for myself and son but to help others to be the best, healthiest person that they can be as well. And this is why I am submitting my request or application for a free scholorship into YOUR academy. Thank you for your time. Cathy

  99. Kofi Asomani Ababio

    I am learning a lot

  100. Toni

    Hello. If I am honest I want the Super Nutrition Academy because I want it 🙂 Simple ah. I ALWAYS do well when I am doing any kind of program if I KNOW that what I am doing is making me achieve goals without detriment of other aspects. The problem is to find a GOOD program! When I try to follow a plan made by myself I ALWAYS stumble upon a thought telling me ‘Oh, this is NOT working, sure you have miss some important habit/superfood/food combination/YouShouldDefinitelyFast’ and then I get concern and loose track in the most processed way.

    The problem for me isn’t COMMITMENT but a trustful program worth the effort and that produces holistic results.

  101. Vicki Johnston

    I’m a 57 year old grandmother that wants to finish what I started! I started 2 years ago trying to improve my health and have lost 60 lbs. but have an additional 20 lbs. that I just can’t seem to get rid of. I believe by obtaining a scholarship to the Super Nutrition Academy will help me achieve my goal. Along with the goal of the last 20 lbs., I also have goals of running several 5K’s and duathlons.
    Thanks for all you do.

  102. Merisse

    Every action has a re-action. And I would love to interact with your new “Super Nutrition Academy” and experience the knowledge that you have gained and obviously so eager to share with every human being. Like most I to have personal, family and friendships to gain from what you are offering. And would love to share the joy of how it feels to be strong mentally, emotionally and physically. Being totally in control of my own health on every level.

  103. Hi Yuri,

    I am a raw food and fit person wanna be. I read all the emails, watch the videos, attend the forums and webinars and then proceed to do some things or nothing. I am 50 lbs overweight, I go to the chiro at least every week, do some Stott pilates, juice sometimes, buy groceries per the list and then let it go bad in the fridge. I have “JUST DO IT’ everywhere but somehow the neurons in my brain are hardwired to continue with my not good eating habits. I love the concept and have been to raw retreats and juicing retreats. I have a skinny unsupportive husband, don’t get me wrong I love him dearly but he has never had a weight problem. He doesn’t eat meat but he eats a lot of carbs which I cannot do. He thinks juice is sludge but I love it (apple, lemon, kale is my fav). Most of the time I am overwhelmed. I guess I need immersion with butt kicking. Is there such a thing??


  104. Margaret Cook

    I am a NY state licenced massage therapist. I knew nothing about exercise and nutrition before I went to college in my 40’s. At massage school I learned about nutrition and traditional chinese medicine. I have been incorporating these thing into my life but still have a problem maintaing healthy eating. I purchased Eating For Energy about 2 weeks ago and my husband and I have been doing raw until dinner. I am so interested in whole foods nutrition but just can’t afford the tuition to go back to school. Our goal is to have a healthy active lifestyle and to avoid diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and cancer which run in our families. I would be so greatful to win a scholarship to the Super Nutrition Academy.
    Thank You
    Margaret Cook LMT

  105. Mark Lutz

    My health while considerably better than where I was at 5 years ago after taking on many of your teachings, it needs much improvement. I want to understand the underlying reason for the change so I can understand why I need to follow, rather than just follow blindly, The other reason is more for the concern of the balance of my family. They have no regard for nutritional understanding at all and it is starting to show. I would love to understand enough to then pay it forward.

  106. Melissa F

    I want/need to be a student of the Super Nutrition Academy b/c this field is my passion. Somewhere along the way of my current profession I realized what I should be doing, and that is Holistic Nutrition. I would love to go to school one day for Holistic Nutrition. But in the mean time, until I get to that point, I want to learn as much as I can, and soak up all the knowledge and information I can. Not just for my own health and wellbeing, but b/c I truly believe in what you preach, and I want to educate and motivate so many others to better their health, including my family. Best way to see change in others is to change yourself. So if I have the tools necessary to do so, my family and friend will benefit greatly from this. Thanks again for all you do! 🙂

  107. Nancy

    I am 56 years old and want to get in the best shape I have ever been in. I have been overweight most of my life. I keep going back to my SAD vegetarian diet, and need some help getting and staying on the right track to better health.

  108. Judith

    Hi Yuri,

    I would love to win because I’ve always been interested in nutrition and since I am bombarded with various, and sometimes contradictory information, I would appreciate to have a solid foundation. Analogically, I practice yoga and I need a solid foundation to grow and open even more my heart.

    Cheers from Montreal!



  109. Glennys

    Hi Yuri
    I would really appreciate the opportunity at last to learn and achieve health and happiness for myself family and friends.I have studied nutrition for most of my 72 years and realize that mostly I have acquired FACTS that contradict and add to my collection of confusion .I want to understand simple healthy nutrition .Thankyou in anticipation .Glennys

  110. Everdina Eilander

    Hi Yuri and other readers!
    Here is your 67th contributor. I am a 54 yr old Dutch citizen. Was a single parent (without a co-parent or family help) with adult children now. I lost my job in 2001 due to stress combining it all. At that time I had been suffering from asthma for many years as well. When I gradually gained weight from 2002 onwards, I blamed it on the menopauze starting. I tried to get rid of the overweight by eating low carb and doing a lot of fitness at the gim. But no, in 2006 it was discovered that I had a very bad working Thyroid gland. Gradually levels of thyroid hormone recovered by me taking the artificial hormone, but I still was far from OK. It appeared in 2008 – as I had read myself clever on the internet, before I went to my GP – that I was one of those people, who not only had a disfunctional thyroid but also had a very low level of vitamin B12 (and I am not a vegetarian) in their bodies. I started getting B12 injections from then onwards once every 2 months after an initial week with daily injections.
    Then I got even more interested in nutrition. What did I (and family members on my mother’s side) do wrong in eating? And why did my asthma increase over the years?

    Well, first I found a breathing treatment in 2010 (via the internet again: Long Live Free Internet) called Buteyko. I went on a Buteyko short course in the Netherlands at the Buteyko Academy to learn breathing excercises to raise my levels of CO2 as they were very low, causing me to chronically hyperventilate. I learned the exercises and practise them still everyday. My CO2 levels are now on average 3 times as high now and I am off my asthma medicin since last summer! No more Ventolin or Beclometason anymore. Wow. That’s one success!

    Now, reading in the overview of modules on your course at the S.N. Academy, that hypothyroidism may somehow also have a link to the food I eat, I am extremely excited to learn about that. And also about loosing 20 lbs.!
    If your course will help me to regain my health, I will spread the news in the Netherlands!

    Wishing everybody good luck, health and endless energy!

  111. Tennille O'Leary

    I need to be a student of Super Nutrition Academy because I have decided to make a career change and am planning on going back to school to become a Health Coach. I am a Fitness Instructor part time and absolutely love what I do. I will be getting my Personal Trainer Certification soon and hope to open my own business. In order to effectively help my clients I need education in the nutrition field. I heard you on Dustin Maher’s radio show and was hooked. I saw your title as Registered Holistic Nutritionist and I immediately Googled it. I soon realized that the world of nutrition is what has been missing in my career path. I am so excited to start this new journey and am thrilled I have found your down to earth and gimmick free approach to a life of total wellness.

  112. john

    Thank you.

  113. Janet Arsenault

    I would like to win the Scholarship to Super Nutrituion Academy becasue I have recently gotten back into a regular exercise program but I have yet to see any changes in my body fat. I strongly believe the reason is my diet. I am ready to take a turn in the right directly when it comes to my nutrition and I think Super Nutrition Academy has the answers I am looking for.

  114. My name is Monique Le Bas and I’m an opera singer. My body is my instrument so health is of particular importance to me. There are many conflicting sources out there. Your book, “Eating for energy” your utube videos & your web videos make sense of this complex issue of health & nutrition. This education will benefit not just me, but also my students as I teach singing & acting in a small country town Warracknabeal in Victoria, Australia. In the country we don’t get these kinds of opportunities. If you choose me for this scholarship, I promise, I will not let you down. Not only will you improve my life but it will also improve the lives of my students.

  115. Guy

    I believe I need to be a student of SNA because I like to think of myself of an inspiration to the fact that it’s never too late to be fit and do the extraordinary in life. I am 36 years old and I have Diabetes and I take insulin on a daily basis. I made up my mind about six months ago that I am going to be fit and start a workout plan. I also have been playing in an adult indoor soccer league. Playing sports was something I never fully committed to when I was younger simply because I used my condition as an excuse. Now, I’m six months into my workouts and a month into my league and feeling great. I really believe becoming a student of SNA would give that extra push of nutritional knowledge to continue achieving my goal of reducing my body fat to the level I know I need to be to look and feel awesome!

    P.S. I have had to reduce my insulin intake since I have been doing your interval trainings.


  116. Jo Gauthier

    That would be awesome as it would be completing the loop to the life changes I have made. Being pro-active in taking charge of my health (exercising and eating healthy). This would be great timing. Thanks alot 🙂

  117. Sally Anderson

    I need to be a student of Super Nutrition Academy because I have read SO MANY books on what is healthy and what is not in the last 30 years and nothing is totally clear, and most experts do not agree. Some are recommending eat more protein less carbs and some say more carbs less protein; how much and what kind of fats is also up for debate. Another subject I can not figure out is do we need supplements and how much of each. Some say 25,000 IU of Vitamin A ( mix with Beta Carotene ) others say no more than 5,000 IU per day. Some say folic acid is a must others say it causes cancer. CAN you over supplement? It is incredibly hard to decipher what the truth is. Also, the beliefs that become common truths change over time, such as high cholesterol predicting heart disease to not really it is other culprits. So I hope Yuri that your course can give me some clarity on the subject of nutrition!

  118. Lindsay Zentner

    I have gotten a bit of a handle on the exercise thing, but could definitely use help in the whole eating right thing. I got into exercise to get healthier and to teach my kids from an early age that it’s not about losing weight, but it is about being healthy. I am a fussy eater, but my kids are even worse, so I need to learn more about nutrition so that I can do the best with the few foods they will eat. Thanks yuri for all that you do!

  119. Victoria Vandesteeg

    I am a homeschooling mom who is strugling with health issues. I’m having testing down but I know I need to make big changes in my eatting. I want to teach my children how to eat to keep them from making the same mistakes I’ve made. Because we have choosen to be a one income family so I can teach our children I would not beable to afford to be a student without a scholarship. I have got some of your matterial and working my way through. I also watch some of your videos online, but I need some serious help. I have to get my brain Thanks for all your help.

  120. Declan Dennehy

    Hi Yuri, My name is Declan, aged 35, and living in Ireland. I am in recovery from alcohol/drug addiction for 13yrs now and I enjoy reasonably good health. I can struggle with remaining a non-smoker and eating foods that I know are undoing my fitness efforts. I am 6ft tall and currently weight 90kg approx. The Irish education system does not promote health and well-being to the degree that it should. Culturally Irish people can be slow to embrace a good lifestyle and in recent years levels of obesity have soared. My education and family experience did not prioritise health / fitness / good mental health. For the past five years or so i have worked really hard at developing my fitness levels but I can revert back to being a smoker and poor diet at different intervals. I would love the opportunity and support from the nutritional academy modules.

    Finally, I work with young people and my well being does influence them; considering that I in most cases may be their only male role model. I already promote health & well-being in my work and the scholarship would help me to help others in achieving their fitness/life goals. For me personally, I could really do with new insight and learning so please pick me : )

  121. Jan

    I have been on a journey to improve my health since September 2005. I have learned so much, but I realize there is so much more I don’t know. I would like to learn from Yuri to fill in some of the missing pieces on nutrition. I am very interested in helping people get healthy in all areas of their life – physical, emotional and spiritual. My goal is to become a Nutrition Specialist as I try to help people sort out all the noise and confusion about health and find out what works for them.

  122. Carrie Ross

    I am a grandmother of 4 beautiful little girls and have a new baby grandson to be born in June. My family has a past history of many illensses…… Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer, High BP, Arthritis, Obesity, Kidney issues, Colon Cancer…. etc… I feel nutritiion is the true key to health and there is so much confliciting info out there that I just get super confused. Should I be a lucky winner I may be able to enjoy my grandchildren for a long time and not leave them sad as my grandparents did me way too early…. WIth much hope…… Carrie

  123. Colleen Butler

    My desire to learn is insatiable . When it comes to the health and well being of my family, friends and clients I will attain as much information I can to help. I have been in Alternative medicine for over 30 years and I have found that nutrition is the key element in healthy living. I am extremely passionate about educating and getting the right information out there for those who are ready to make changes in their life when it comes to a healthy lifestyle with nutrition and exercise .
    I have done a lot of reading on nutrition and have found that everyone has a program when it comes to weight loss or fat burning etc.. I want to learn about helping people stay healthy and to offer lifestyle changes which will give them longevity in life. I feel your program will offer me this information and more.
    I am excited to have this opportunity to grow and learn more about the importance of nutrition. It is a time in my life to become a teacher and having the proper education is key. I hope you will consider me as one of your students in Super Nutrtion.
    Thank you,
    Colleen Butler

  124. Karen Porter

    I have a Bachelor’s degree in another field, and wish I had gone out in nutrition instead, so I have been looking for a way to further my education in Nutrition. Due to health reasons, I have been studying a lot on nutrition in the last few years. I would love to help others learn about nutrition also. I have 6 kids, some of whom are also into nutrition. This would be a great way to help my family, & help others around me to learn about the great benefits of a healthy lifestyle & good nutrition. I have not been able to afford to take classes on nutrition at this time, and getting a scholarship would be a fantastic way to see my dream a reality. I would love to be able to help my kids, grand kids, friends, and family develop a healthier lifestyle. We just had two friends die recently – one of cancer and the other of a heart attack. They were only in their 50’s. It would be wonderful to help prevent other friends from seeing their untimely deaths due to unhealthy habits and diet.

  125. Nicole

    To be raw in Brazil is NOT as easy as it may seem. Right now I’d say I’m about 75% raw…I’ve struggled with weight and fitness my entire LIFE, tried loads of fad diets which helped me lose weight real fast, only to gain it all back in months. In 2011 I learned about living foods. I’ve been trying so hard to go against the current of my family, culture, and old habits, in order to establish a new norm in my life. But after my first month of raw I experienced the strangest allergic reactions that I had NEVER had in my life, and now I have little dry patches that keep flaking on my face..I won’t give up because of these bumps on the road, but I need to know how to do this right!! I have no support, in fact I just moved back to Brazil and I’m starting my life over, so this is the perfect opportunity to get things right from the beginning. If I got this scholarship, I’d learn how to truly take care of my own health AND fitness, and I would help strengthen the raw foods movement here in Brazil. And maybe one day my family will believe me when I say that raw foods are the next step in human evolution. Yuri, thank you for this opportunity.

  126. tom gardner

    Hey Yuri – I really enjoy all that you have taught me so far and have tried incorporate many of your ideas into my daily life. You are right when you say that we are bombarded with information from everywhere. It gets very difficult to know the right path to choose. I would love to win this contest for Super Nutrition Academy scholarship. I have made major changes in my way of living over the past couple of years and still need to make improvement.

  127. Katrien

    I would like this scholarship because last year I went searching online as to way I was always tired after eating certain foods en why my digestion ws so slow. Of course I found several educators (guru’s) but I always came back to you because your approach convinced me. So I bought “Eating for energy” and was was curious for more and also bought the total wellness cleanse and started the fitter you program. After finishing that I felt so fitI wanted to do more exercise So I bought the treadmill programs. So it’s obvious that you are my go to guy.
    I’ve always been fascinated on how the body works and why some people loose weight easy and other’s don’t, why do some grow muscle easy and other’s don’t. Why are certain foods hard for the body……so many questiona sso much to learn and i would like to learn it from you.

  128. I need to be a student of Super Nutrition Academy to live a healthy lifestyle, I have been diagnosed with PTSD and Fribromyalgia and do not beleive in pills or prescribe medication. I truly beleive that nutrition is cure to everything. The reason I deserve this shcolorship is that I am a go getter, I thirve for success and seriously can’t afford it on my own. I am a single mother of one child which I have raised on my own since she was two and half. I am successful and always thrive to become a better person. I try to inspire others and always research in becoming healthier. I want most of all to be an inspiration not only to my daughter but to anyone dealing with anxiety, weight gain or Fibromyalgia. My aunt who is 67 years of age and my friend who is 43 are both dealing with diabities. I research food on a daily basis and would love the opportunity to learn from the best. I deserve the best (:

  129. Philip

    Nutrition is largely ignored by the established medical profession, although increasing scientific evidence is pointing to lack of adequate nutrition as the underlying cause of diseases. In adition the “watchdogs” of the health of the society seem have resorted to watching their own pockets. As a result persons must be equipped to protect themselves, their loved ones and their general sphere of influence, through adequate knowledge in the area of health and nutrition.

    For many years, I have been attempting to “get a handle” on this arena of knowledge, by reading books, taking short courses and even working for a time, with a healthcare company that produced herbal products. Your scholarship presents a very real opportunity to cement my knowledge in the arena of nutrition.

  130. Francis Bélanger

    Hi Yuri,
    At age of 17 I was diagnose with diabetes. This was the starting point of a long … On the last 5 years I made big changes in my live toward a better live style and nutrition. I reduced my insulin intake from over 200 per day to about 20-25 a day.
    The last 10% is much harder to deal with. I am one of your regular listener now after I found you on the web a few month ago.
    I would like to have the opportunity to listen at your new Super Nutrition Academy program. My gold is to get back my health and to help other peoples around me to do the same.

  131. Stephanie

    The Super Nutrition Academy would be a great way for me to continue learning about better nutrition as I strive to reach my health goals. Because of the stress from losing our daughter last year after she was in the hospital for eight months, I was left with digestive issues, adrenal fatigue, worsened thyroid issues, etc. Now I’m trying to regain my health and want to seriously maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid further health issues. Thank you.

  132. Chris

    I need to be a student because I have never been taught how to eat correctly, just how to eat. Everyone deserves to know how to maintain health. These days it is so common to hear people say “I am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired” so this is something we all need to learn.

  133. Jessii

    As a recovered anorexic I can attribute my current good health to books like Eating for Energy. My fight has made me passionate to help others to good health and promote better nutrition knowledge amongst young people. By having a scholarship to SuperNutrition Academy I can enhance my understanding of the principles of good nutrition as part of my mission to help future generations to better health. I have experienced the benefits of raw lifestyle and want to be able to share this with others!

  134. Amit Jobanputra

    3 years ago my journey began on the path to using nutrition to correct what dr’s said was fibromyalgia/CFS/physiological/we don’t know! I was given antidepressants and told to live with it. I was lucky enough to converse with Dr Walt Stoll over the Internet and he explained the effects of stress on the body and began my journey on exploring the vast amounts of info on the net. I am only 33 but a year ago I couldn’t even get out of bed. Now thanks to exercise, good food and meditation I am recovering well. However due to the vast amounts of info available it has been somewhat confusing to say the least. I am determined and eager to find out optimal nutrition and have looked into a course here on dietetics but the course is 4 years and very expensive. I want to change my direction in life so that I may help myself and especially others who have not had the advice they needed from the medical profession. Therefore I would sincerely appreciate a scholarship as I intend to use it fully to appreciate what nutrition is all about. Thank you.

  135. Cassidy Zerr

    Hi Yuri,
    I would love and be so very greatful to win a scholarship to the Super Nutrition Academy. Researching and learning all I can about nutrition has become my passion for the past couple of years due to my own digestive issues and eczema. I am incredibly interested in the positive effects a healthy diet has on someone’s body and on their pre-existing conditions as well as the preventative capabilities the intake of proper nutrition has on one’s self. My goal is to take a Holistic Nutrition course to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and start my own nutritional councelling buisness. I believe the Super Nutrition Academy would provide me with the necessary knowledge I am seeking to pursue my dream and would compliment the information I would learn in the Holistic Nutrition course. I have watched numerous of your videos on YouTube and subscribed to your channel after watching the first one as I could tell right away that you knew what you were talking about, not only had you gone to school for this, you apply it to your own life and are living proof that proper nutrition is key to living a healthy and happy life. I would be honored to be chosen for this scholarship and would not put the information I learnt to waste but rather use it to help myself and help others become their healthiest selves. Thank you for your consideration!

  136. Gee

    Hello Yuri, here is what I feel is a pretty good case to make me a candidate for one of the scholarships- I will be 50 years old soon, my job requires frequent travel during the week but I am always home on weekends. This type of schedule may preclude me from a daily regimen of raw foods but I would certainly give it my best shot even on the road. I am, for my age, pretty athletic and in good, maybe not great, shape with only a long standing cholesterol battle to deal with(knock on wood). It would be a great testimonial to your regimen if it can transform a traveling 50 year old!

  137. Sandra Pitts BSN RN

    I am a BSN Registered Nurse with the speciality of Hospice and Palliative Care. For almost 8 years I have watched the devastating effects as persons dealt with end stage disease processes. Through a series of events near the end of the year I was introduced to the concept of raw/live vegan living as a way to improve health and correct disease. I then began researching the amazing history of persons being ‘healed” from cancer and other life threatening diseases- information that we are not given in nursing school. I had at that time 50 pounds to lose to reach ideal BMI- I started on the raw vegan program 95% to 100% on 1-1-2012. I have lost 24 pounds and feel amazing. I plan to continue living as a raw vegan. I have enjoyed and learned so much from the Raw Food 101 E-course-Thank You! I would love to continue to learn from you. I have to heal myself to heal others but I feel down the road that I will be helping persons with advanced illness learn to slow or reverse the course instead of helping them die comfortably and with dignity. Yuri- I would love to be one of your scholarship students.

  138. Charles Towne

    Hello Yuri, I am 77 years young and I am on a life quest. 8 years ago I nearly died after suffering 3 back to back heart attacks. Today I have totally reversed my heart disease thru proper nutrition and excercise. I have trashed all meds. My wife suffered from the ravages of M.S. for 35 years and was wheel chair bound. Today, due to proper nutrition she is walking again. In the last 5 months I have lost 30 lbs. and gained about ten lbs. of lean muscle. My B.P. has dropped dramatically and is now a healthy 117/75 while My LDL has dropped from 161 to 123 and my HDL has gone from a low of 40 to a healthy 61. I am determined to be physically, mentally and spiritually active into my old age. I am looking for a well designed nutritional program that will help me attain a long, happy and fulfilled life and it appears that the SUPER NUTRITION ACADEMY could well be the end all and help me reach my goals. Looking forward to adapting your system to my needs.
    Sincerely, Charles Towne

  139. Hi Yuri,
    I am the greatest fan of “Eating For Energy” and I want to become the first graduate of the Super Nutrition Academy”. I then want to spread the word to all the people of the world about the great work you do to inspire, motivate and more importantly educate.
    Being a graduate of Super Nutrition Academy will give me the tools to legally spread the word and teach others. As we multiply, reaching the goals you have set out for 2018 can and will be reached.
    Your Friend
    Pierre Trudel
    Thee Quest For Perfect Health

  140. Nathalie O'Shea

    Hi! Yuri,

    I really need to be a student of Super Nutrition Academy! I’ve been on a high raw diet since 2009. I think that this life style is really great. It has made huge changes in my life and I still have a ways to go to reach my optimal goals.
    I just recently attended raw chef school which was a great experience and would love to have the chance to win a scholarship to Super Nutrition Academy as I
    feel it would really help me have the confindence and knowledge base to get out there and continue spreading the great message of the importance of a living foods diet.
    Thank you for providing this amazing chance to 3 lucky people,

  141. brenda gress

    I have been a type I diabetic for over 22 years. My life has been ruled by blood sugar fluctuations. It wasn’t until I began a Raw Food lifestyle and an intensive exercise regime that I have been able to effectively manage my disease. I need to know all I can about nutrition in order to live the best life I can and to be in control of my health.

  142. Sam Johnson

    I would like to become a part of the super nutrition academey, because I have been listening to Yuri and I have found him motivating and more importantly stimulating and THOUGHTFUL. He knows his stuff. I am a busy father of two kids, and My wife does who is a working mom also wants to help our entire family eat healthier, but the truth is…. We dont really have the time. With Yuri’s knowledge, we can use this to improve our health and our whole life! Thanks and lots of luck to all the competitors!!!!!!!

  143. Why I need to be a student of Super Nutrition Academy. I believe nutritious food is the answer for health.
    Out healthcare system treats symptoms, does not cure. I am healthy, have a few pounds to loose. But my husband has carcinoid cancer we are dealing with. He has had surgery, but tumors remain in the liver. We were told this is not curable. The doctor said chemo doesn’t work, thank heavens, as chemo kills before the cancer does. Right now he is doing good and leads an active life. I am trying to provide the most nutritious food for healing and promote quality of life for my husband. I believe the information/education you provide would be an invaluable source of information. God bless.

  144. Deb Malloy

    I’m having a hard time putting a eating plan together with proper nutrition. After years of stomach issues, I was recently tested for food sensitivities. I already knew that I had a shellfish allergy and was lactose intolerant. The tests showed that I should be wheat, gluten, dairy, soy and egg free. Not very easy. I had been trying to not eat too much meat, so getting enough protein is difficult. Rice and beans get tired fast.
    I’m hoping the Nutrition Academy can help.

  145. Azucena

    As a highschool student, it can be hard to eat healthfully when the school cafeteria offers few nutritious foods. However, I try stay informed about the most healthful ways to eat and bring my own food to school (where I Spend almost twekve hours a day). Soon, I’m off to college’ ad te Super Nutrition Academy would be an amazing resource for helping me stay healthy.

  146. Nick Shelton

    Hi Yuri,

    My name is Nick and the importance of receiving a scholarship for the Super Nutrition Academy is of tremendous value for my future. My passion of incorporating fitness and whole foods nutrition into my life and those around me flourished about four years ago. Unfortunately, four years is not much time to gather a lot of the appropriate knowledge to continue spreading valuable information to those around me, helping them increase their quality of life. I constantly seek the best information to improve my knowledge base of overall health and fitness. It is important to me to have a thorough understanding in how the human body works and how it reacts to the foods we ingest. Thus, Super Nutrition Academy is an all-encompassing program that will supply the missing links to my knowledge base. The thrilling satisfaction I get from helping someone realize the importance of his or her health is incredible. I hope to continue providing the best information from the best sources, regarding health and nutrition, to all of my family and friends. I am excited to compete for a scholarship for the Super Nutrition Academy and I appreciate your time.

    Live well,

  147. Karen Bridges

    I am a personal trainer and in the process of getting my degree in Nutrition and I will then go on to become a Registered Dietitian. I am learning amazing things about nutrition and the body, but I want to also learn from people who are actually in the “field” and implementing what they know. New things are out there that are not necessarily in the books I am reading or the classes that I am taking.

    I have always had a passion for fitness and nutrition and that will be the next chapter in my career life. Furthering this passion is the desire to learn more and more about possible ways to incorporate nutrition to manage a condition I was recently diagnosed with instead of just taking a pill the physician said I should take for the rest of my life. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s an auto-immune hypothyroid condition. I am in the process of incorporating supplements, amino acids etc, into my diet to alleviate the symptoms and maintain or manage the condition.

    Obviously, learning more from your Academy would be very exciting and interesting for me. I’d also be able to be a walking example of what nutrition can accomplish and help others in my new career path even better.

    My goal is to be in a position to help people with certain health conditions, other than just obesity, get healthy and stay fit and improve their lives.

  148. William Calder

    Hi Yuri. A scholarship in Super Nutrition Academy would be a really cool addition to my present situation. I am recently retired but not tired. I have always designed my own workout routines, but wanting to continue learning, I completed a college course last year in personal training to see how good, or bad I was doing things. I now have friends asking for help in their own attempt to get exercising. I recently stared Fitter U and love it. I really enjoy cooking healthy and often get asked for advice. This program would give me the confidence to help many others to better understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle.
    I’m quite excited at the chance to gain this knowledge.
    Stay fit.

  149. MIchele

    Hi Yuri. We recently lost my g’mother to ovarian cancer; my father-in-law is currently cured of prostate cancer and my mother-in-law is currently battling kidney cancer using diet (the Budwig Protocol) and a non-traditional DCA treatment. As a nutrition resource for my extended family and the primary nutritionist and meal provider for myself, my husband and two sons, I would love to extend my knowledge base beyond what I have learned from you and others so far. I really appreciate the science behind the information as that is the key to understanding why our diet is so important and has such a great impact on our quality of life. As I continue to learn and tweak our family diet, I teach my sons the lessons that I have learned so that they can understand and take that knowledge and practice forward with them into their adult lives. As teen atheletes, they can already see and feel the difference between proper and improper fuel choices, and they know that their health is directly affected by their diet and lifestyle choices. So I would love to be a recipient of a scholarship to your Super Nutrition Academy. Based on my experience with your work to date, I know that I and my family will benefit greatly from the opportunity to be a student of the SNA. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to win a scholarship.

  150. Denise DeShields

    My reason for wanting to be a student of the Super Nutrition Academy is very simple, and that is “love”. I am the mother of 4 and come from a family who has abused their bodies with food, alcohol and tobacco for too many years. I watch my 4 daughter (now in their 20s) consume a horrible diet of fast food, processed foods and sugar, that I can see is destroying them physically, clouding their minds and ruining their quality of life. Because I seem to be the common sense, most determined and most informed of everyone in my family, as well as many who extend beyond it, I am constantly looked to for reliable information, because they all know I value my body and know the importance of feeding it correctly. I have tried pointing them in the right direction but realize that the ONLY reality that will snap them out of their physically disastrous lifestyle will be to see results “live and in person” manifested in me. I realize I have so much to learn and want to share with them all how to “love your body and feed it” the way it was intended, to help make them physically happy, so that they will embrace life rather than drag their way through it in a body that is draining away their happiness, rather than carrying them joyfully and healthily through it.

  151. mauvereen

    Good Morning,
    My name is Mauvereen Bomberry, I am a mother of 2 (8years old and 11month old). I have not taken good care of myself all my life. Recently I started with the Treadmill Trainer program and now I want to tackle the way I eat. TT has changed my outlook and feelings on life so much; I want to know what it’s like if I was to eat properly. There is so much information out on the internet, doctors offices, nutrician/dieticians, I don’t know what to do/cook for my family. I trust Yuri, therefore I would like one of the scholarships to the Super Nutrition Academy. It is of value to me and I can pass what I learn to my family.
    Thank you for giving me this oppertunity.

  152. To understand why I need to be a student of Super Nutrition Academy is to understand my passion for food. I am a University student (not far from rivals U of T haha) in Nutritional Anthropology and Political Science. What this means is I have come to see the world through very critical eyes. After many hours pacing back and forth (in my dark, student-decorated lair) I realized that I may not be able to save the world– but one step closer would be to save people from themselves. To save them from the shackles of the food system and dietary advice that is harming, rather than helping them. To open their eyes to the food lies they have been giving, and to make them aware, at a cellular level, how they are being negatively impacted by their environment. Essentially, the SNA would be allowing me to better help fellow students, parents, and passersby. Then it is off to saving the world, one factory farm at a time!

  153. The knowledge is there but I need help to put into practice the knowledge and get my life in order.

  154. Elizabeth Seida

    I am a peer counselor at a pregnancy care centre. I also teach pre-natal classes to moms from all different backgrounds and nationalities. One of the classes I teach is “Eating for Two” It is one of my most important classes because I understand how important nutrition is to a growing baby and its mother. Taking this course would enable me to become more informed as to how I can help these moms stay healthy throughout their pregnancies as well as remain healthy afterwards and be able to feed their children properly. I have learned a lot from you already and I know this course would just build on that knowledge.

  155. Melissa

    Hi Yuri!
    I’ve been really exited about your teaching style of building lifelong healthy habits rather than using diets like ‘water wings’ that will ultimately lead to failure. I have been overweight my entire life and am completely burned out on diets. I’m tired of losing and gaining and being overwhelmed with too much information! I care so much about my health and nutrition but haven’t been able to make the right choices to meet my goals of being the happy, healthy and engergetic person I want to become. I’m willing to do the work, help me learn how to take care of my body. Another big motivator for me is that my husband and I will be trying to have a baby soon. Your comment about caffeine was a big surprise for me. I had no idea what affect it has on the body! I need to know these things to have a healthy pregnancy and be a good mom.

  156. Charles Scrivner

    In reaching 50 this year, my goal is to FINALLY lose my current “pudgy” self and become the healthy, energetic person I once was it seems a lifetime ago; and get myself in shape to enjoy the journey ahead as the “best” I can be. I have lost weight in the past using a variety of methods, but unfortunately, I’ve found out it again plus a little more. I’m convinced knowledge of nutrition and exercise in combination is the key to a “sustained” success and I’m enthusiastic about the Super Nutrition Academy as the vehicle to get me where I need to go!! Sort of like, the adage “give a man a fish he eats for a day, teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime.” I’m really in need of that knowledge! In addition. I have a 14 year old daughter who has some of the same weight challenges as I do and as a single Dad, I would love to be able to set an example of healthy eating and lifestyle that “hopefully” she can incorporate as well!! Thanks!

  157. Aubrey

    I want access to the academy becAuse for the past four years my life has been ruled by raw food and such. I developed an eating disorder and have osteoporosis because of it. I just want to be healthy raw but somedays I literally cry because I’m so confused with all the information. I’m really hoping this could help. I’m in college an broke and just soso confused.

  158. taisir elamin

    I want to achieve my dream goal of mastering my health, fitness and nutrition and keep it up for the rest of my life. I think this is a great opportunity for me to reach my dream.

  159. I have been in physical fitness for 12 yrs. Over the last couple years I have slowly been led into health and wellness. I am a fitness instructor and personal trainer, I also do yoga and Thai massage therapy and body work. It wasn’t until I started researching nutrition as holistic medicine for myself that I also found that it is important to be healthy from the inside out! I am enrolled in Ayurvedic school this year and am excited about learning more about nutrition and all natural remedies for prevention and healing. This has been a very inspiring quote for me…”The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.” 
    -Thomas Edison I look forward to a lifetime of working to educate and help others with my knowledge in nutrition, health, and wellness!
    Namaste _/|\_

  160. barbara warman


  161. Patrick

    I’ve had great mentors for training but I have never had access to really great, in depth nutrition information. I stick to basic salads and chicken. This course would help me be more precise and make my life more enjoyable.

  162. Nancy Watson

    Hi Yuri,

    I’m one of those people that gets overwhelmed very easily. Your approach of taking things one month at a time seems perfect for me. I need this because I want to learn more about nutrition and get my health back to where it should be.


  163. Jude Ward

    Well I have been reading and looking into different types of healthy eating and exercising programs for years. I was not kidding when I mentioned I deleted and threw away all the information I have accumulated. I am 60 years old and started my exercising program two and half years ago when I purached the treadmill trainer mp3 download and started my walking. I could not go longer that 15 minutes and today I can do 5k’s and have placed 1st in my age group as well as placing many times. I now jog on the road, I love being outside and take you with me for my regular 3 day training days. My goal is to do my first 10K this summer. I know I can accomplish this goal and will have you in my ear coaching me that I can “never, never, never, give up”.

    The diet aspect is so crazy, I searched daily and have bought and downloaded sooooo many diets that sometimes I get anxious just trying to decide what might help me become the healthiest person I can be, as well as losing a few pounds. Really though, I just want to know what is the best way to live a healthy life, and what really is healthy eating. There is a plethora of information out there and it’s just so very confusing. So I am so excited to see what your new program will entail and whether I am picked or not…I will be following you once again. Thank you so very much for all your research, your blogs, videos, mp3’s and for caring about my health!! PS: I’m drinking my liter of water in the AM just like you suggested.

  164. barbara warman

    I ‘ve learned about Nutrition and the right Diet in Nursing School ,years ago and kept on educating myself regularly . Since working in the US I ‘ve noticed the big differences between our Diet (Germany) and here.
    Myself I eat a healthy Diet, no processed Food, little Diary, once a while some Fish,Chicken,lots of vegetables and Fruits.
    I would love to learn something new which I can share then with my patients ,their families and my colleagues.

  165. Alma Krkic

    Hi Yuri,
    I really enjoy your material and have greatly benefited from Eating for Energy program last year. It helped me to lose some undesired weight after my pregnancy and get back on track. I would love to become a student of SNA as it would help me to take my knowledge to a whole new level and expand on what I have already learned.
    Thanks for all your work and for making this information available for the public.

  166. Frank A

    My wife and I are going through transformations at many levels. I am working to keep ulcerative colitis in remission and my wife is battling candida. We would like to be able to resolve our issues with food and not medicine. I feel knowing more about nutrition will have us achieve our goals. We would share this training.

  167. Jean-Luc

    I am 42 now. I need to know what to do to get healthy again, and how and why, instead of being at the mercy of some diet or other that does not work for me. I need to really be able by myself to make informed decisions to change my eating behavior so that i loose the extra fat, regain my energy and sleep better. As the Super Nutrition Academy will allow me to reach these goals, and more, and that my finances are really low, i really would love to win a tuition to SNA. 🙂

  168. Fabio

    For me it is very important to be one of the winners of the tuition to Super Nutrition Academy, for two main reasons. First, I was diagnosed with HIV three years ago. I was taking medication and doing many tests, whatever doctors recommended me. I always had the need to understand the root of this disease that affects so many people today, so I was part of two research. But I never had a specific answer. Today I am in good health, but is there. I decided to be a proactive patient. Once I get healthy again I Stop taking medicines because always believed that there is another way to stay healthy without having to put so many chemicals in the body, I was never a supporter of medicines, not even aspirin. I started to look for information online, and that was when I found Eating for Energy, this book opened my eyes and I understood that the basis of being healthy start in the food we eat and habits that we create. And it was when I signed in to your blog, and thanks to you I did the same in Renegade, with Kevin Gianni, where I got his book too, high raw. And the book of Matthew Grace, A way out.
    And the second reason is for economic issues.
    I am convinced that with a proper education and applying what is learned, anyone can live a long and healthy life.
    Thanks for the opportunity to those who really can not afford the scholarship.

  169. Chris Lewis

    I am a 60 year old male who about 8 months ago decided to get finally get myself in shape. The main motivation being I have 9 year old twins that I would like to see grow into adulthood. Yes – I had twins at the ripe old age of 51 but it is the best thing I’ve ever done. I have found what I feel is a good cardiac and weightlifting routine that seems to be working (40 lb. weight loss) but am very unsure about the nutrition side of things. In fact, I believe that the lack of nutrition knowledge is holding me back from greater gains (or losses). I do try to “watch it” and have cut out many bad habits but I’m sure I could be doing better. A scholarship to the Super Nutrition Academy would be of great beenefit in acheiving my mental and physcal fitness goals. Thanks for your consideration. (Are you really going to read all these?)

  170. Mike Manning

    I’ve tried many diet/exercise programs. And after a few months, they all get old, and fall to the side. I am always hungry and tired and sore. With Yuri’s program, I immediately felt better. I am beginning to see weight loss and core muscle toning. My heartburn, indigestion and headaches have dissipated. I like the feel of tightness in my core. I genuinely feel lighter. With all this, I now have a desire to be a student of nutrition to be able to pass this knowledge on to my children and grandchildren. When people ask what I have being doing to look so good, I can explain in terms that could help them. That is what drew me to Yuri because what he said made sense. I would so like a scholarship to the Super Nutrition Academy

  171. Jody

    I’d love to win a scholarship to the Academy. I believe power is knowledge. The more I know on nutrition the more I can pass onto my kids and the more I can also ensure that they are living a healthy lifestyle now! What we ate in childhood be in good or bad sticks with us – it’s hard to change the bad habits we’ve picked up. I know theoretically what’s good and bad but I want the knowledge so I can pass the facts to my children and other family members – and to whoever will listen to me. Have a great day!

  172. Hello Yuri. My name is Jason Thompson, I’m 44 and living in New England. I have found a tremendous amount of information on your websites & youtube videos. I was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis in 1999 and have had good years, and bad, since that time. I’ve been a vegetarian for 27 years but my journey to a raw food diet only began last year. Since that time, I haven’t had a myasthenic episode (symptom free), I’m off one medication, my blood pressure is normal (from stage 1 hypertension) and I’m hoping to get off the final medication which I’ve been taking for ten years now, an immune suppressant. I’ve been learning what I can about the raw diet through many sources, especially your website. I would take advantage of the opportunity to join the “super nutrition academy” to further my knowledge about healthy eating and continue my journey. Even if you don’t pick this entry, I want you to know your posts & videos are inspiring and educational and that you’re making a difference. Thanks so much for what you do. Jason

  173. Heather Angle

    The time to change everything is now! Nutrition is the key to unlocking the world’s potential. If selected, I will share my new found knowledge with not only my personal training clients but also my friends and family. Thank you for this opportunity and I hope to work with you soon!

  174. Kelly Miller

    Why I would love to win this great opportunity to become a student at Super Nutrition Academy: I’am 22 years old and have just left University of which I studied Business (my second passion in life) and I’am now an Estate Agent. My first passion in life is nutrition but unfortunately did not get the chance to study this at University. I’am a firm believer that all you need is proper nutrition to live a healthy, disease free life and would love to win this to apply that knowledge to my lifestyle. Thanks! 😀

  175. Ginger Candeur

    Dear Yuri,

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to win a scholarship for Nutrition Academy! You’re life’s story is truly inspiring and I greatly appreciate all the good you are doing around you. Now let me tell you why I would absolutely adore to win a scholarship.

    My entire life I’ve been interested in nutrition. On my free time I research everything and anything I can about nutritional food information, good exercises for the human body, how different people may react to different elements, and how the body reacts to such factors. Within the past year, raw food has become one of the changes in my diet and I was amazed by all the positive changes my body began going through. I feel like a whole new person in the sense that I feel healthier, both physically and mentally. Seeing how much this little change has positively impacted my life, I want to help others get the chance to feel the way I am beginning to feel, by teaching and informing them about the secrets of nutrition. The problem with our society today is that there is so much information out there it becomes overwhelming for the mass of the population. I become greatly concerned when I hear a parent with kids telling them to go grab their fruit in the grocery store, and see the children come back with a box of fruit roll-ups. So in the big picture I would love to become a student, with the help of a scholarship, of Super Nutrition Academy in order to learn as much of the truth I possibly can in order to truly help and make a difference with people around the world. At nineteen years of age I’m truly ambitious, goal-driven, and would love nothing more than to receive this opportunity to learn. If you give me a chance I can promise you will not have waisted your resources…once again, I would greatly be appreciative of this opportunity to become a Super Nutrition Academy student!

    Thank you…
    Ginger Candeur

  176. Hi there, I am fairly new to the US, been here since 2007. Born in the UK and lived 20 years in Sydney, Australia. I am fit and healthy. I am an elite age group triathlete, and currently Ironman World Champion for my age group, having just won my age group in Hawaii 2011. My husband and I run a coaching business. We have 30 athletes dotted around the US, 15 of them are competing in Ironman Canada in August 2012. Our website is We coach our athletes on how to swim, bike and run but we also teach them health and wellness and how important nutrition is in their sport and daily life. We run summer triathlon camps where our athletes come to train with us and experience and learn a healthier lifestyle. I am passionate about nutrition, always have been and I have practiced good eating habits all my life. I continue to be shocked by the way people eat! So many people think they eat right but they don’t! I’d like to join you in that quest to educate and help people change their eating habits so that we become a nation of healthier people! I have an Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Sciences which I achieved from the Australasian College of Natural Therapies in Sydney, Australia. I then enrolled to do a Bachelors degree in holistic nutrition (Clayton College of Natural Health who were out of Birmingham, AL) but they closed down and therefore I was unable to finish my degree. I’d like to continue my education and that is why I am interested in becoming a student with you!

  177. Calvin Yury

    Hi Yuri!

    I would love to win the scholarship. I have read “Eating for Energy” & have found it so insightful. You definitely know your stuff! I have been watching your “you tube” videos and following your blogs on the internet for quite some time now. I am practicing what you preach. I’ve been doing the workouts & following the diet. I must say I am very impressed with the results!!! Being able to have access to more information from you would definitely be life changing I’m sure. You’re my go-to-guy when it comes to nutrition. I want to learn more about nutrition & share that info with other people, so they can benefit & improve their lives like I improved my life when I listened to you in your teachings. Thanks Yuri for changing my life for the better!

  178. I am a lifelong student of health, and I always need to learn more. I would love to be selected for this free scholarship. Health is progressive and the more we know the more we can be empowered and live a life without fear. It’s my passion to get people into a higher state of health, and I am included in that scenario. I find that as I learn more, the more I practice it. Thank you for the opportunity.

  179. Cath

    My name is Cath and I’m a mother of 2 beautIful boys. I have always been interested in health (I’m a physio and clinical pilates practitioner) but since having my boys my focus has switched to nutrition. Both boys have struggled with food intolerance (soy, dairy, gluten) and the standard medical model has been of little help..”keep him on gluten until he loses half his body weight” (actual quote from gp) was not an acceptable response for me. I’ve spent hours researching on the Internet and at the libraries to discover the ‘truth’ about the best food and health for my family. Yuri’s stuff (including training) has been by far the most practical, logical and effective information I’ve found….I WANT MORE! I NEED the academy, thank you Yuri, you are an inspiration

  180. Stephanie

    I gave up smoking around ten years ago, and that was great, what wasn’t so great was the weight I put on! I’m now 6stone heavier and need all the help I can get losing it. As I already exercise, I think that I need to learn more about what foods I need to be eating in order to co control my weight. PLEASE HELP !

  181. Heather

    I love to prepare food. its a meditation.. and when I eat I can feel the effects in my body. I want to know the scientific sides of that. sure it feels good (or not)… but what is actually happening? I know that I can assist the health and well being of myself and others through really understanding what it is we are doing to our bodies. I am changing my lifestyle, life upgrade, and new information will help that transition. old information will only support the old lifestyle…. Cheers!

  182. Sylvie

    I am a mother of 2 young children. My husband and I are struggling with the raw food lifestyle. We are vegan and our health is just going up and down like a roller coaster. We figured out that we must be missing really good information concerning nutrition. We are looking to practice SUPER nutrition and claiming our health back while staying vegan. We are looking forward to see us more vibrant and more fit on a raw vegan lifestyle. So far, we have been blessed by your teaching and we are looking to be more blessed through your Super Nutrition Academy program.
    Thank you so much.

  183. My name is Arthur and I am a Nutrition major from New York City. In High School from 2000-2004 I was on the wrestling, swimming and tennis teams. From 2004-2007, whilst being less active and consuming tons of junk food I balooned up from 160 to 230 pounds…During the summer of 2007 I realized this needs to stop and by summer of 2008 when I was getting ready to travel to Europe I was back do 158 and never looked back. Years later I am still as curious about nutrition as I ever was. I new articles and watch webinars virtually every day and though some of the informtion may be overwhelming it only piques my curiosity further! I’ve read and watched tons of your stuff, Yuri, and it’s both highly catpivating, fascinating and educational. Cheers!

  184. My name is Larissa Shvetsova

    Why I need to be student of Nutrition Academy? I have a lot of knowledge in nutrition. I help people and my clients. But in some situations I can’t help myself. I would love to have this new education new knowledge, more details, new approach for my body to loose weight and be healthy.

  185. California Connection

    I have many years of experience in gaining / losing excess weight. It’s time to eliminate that cycle. Being a Super Nutrition Academy student would assure a successful, transforming outcome for three reasons: 1 SNA will allow me to draw on the knowledge I have already gained from the past, identify how SNA is different, and quickly recognize what does or does not work for me. 2. SNA will encourage and ensure achievement in my present “weight taming” project. 3. I can serve as a future role model and expert on how to bring about and live with body improvement to many others who have not traveled down this road as long as I have. And, oh yeah: 4. This is going to be fun! Let’s take advantage of this opportunity to make the best of past experience, present motivation, and future triumph!

  186. Kathleen Kattija-Ari

    It breaks my heart to see our fat society. Words are not really necessary, you can SEE the CONFUSION in our eyes. The average American doesn’t know WHAT they SHOULD be eating, what portion size is appropriate and what exercise program is necessary to obtain and maintain good health. For many of us, we just want to give up. I don’t want to try to change the world. I just want to be a good example to my family and close friends.
    As I continue to eat my lentils and fresh veggies, my husband of 31 years says to me “Humans have canine teeth. This is so we can bite into meat and rip it apart. If we were made this way then why are you eating so many salads”? Little does he know that it is his constant consumption of red meat, hard cheeses and quick-fit frozen pizza (washed down with plenty of alcohol) that has created a man who is 100 pounds overweight, with gout and high blood pressure.
    How can a man who speaks five languages, has three bachelors degrees and three masters degrees but so hopelessly STUPID when it comes to good nutrition??
    If I am lucky enough to be chosen to receive free tuition to the Super Nutrition Academy, I will make it my passion and TOP priority to learn as much as possible about proper nutrition. I will be an EXAMPLE to all family member (present and future) and open to questions from all interested a frustrated persons. I don’t want to try to change the world. I just want to be a glimmer of hope to those that are searching for answers. A source of knowledge to those who have tried and failed numerous times to understand WHY they can’t seem to loose weight. If I can reach one person and convince that person to change their stubborn ways then maybe more will follow.

  187. Salvatore

    Here are my 3 reason’s.

    1. Im an olympic weight lifter in training, i want to set a record for Canada, I want to get at the very minimum world record of lifting the most for my weight class, and or get the record for olympic lifting 4x my own body weight, i want to lead by an example that i can not only survive but thrive on a raw food diet.
    With my olympic weight lifting, once i can lift enough to get in to the olympics, I want to hire yuri as my nutritionist.

    2. Im planing to start a youtube channel covering,
    Muscle & Strength,
    Diet & whole foods,
    Stretching & flexability,
    Mind , thoughts & motviational speaker. I want to be educated from Yuri elkaim,

    3. This is a passion of mine. I find it exhilarating, in other words, lol il be happy 🙂

  188. Dave Wood

    I need to undo all of the damage done by following the misinformation of the advertising and industry experts. Just beginning to have problems with diabetes and hypertension. If your program works as well as you say I’d be an excellent before and after example. Thanks for the opportunity.

  189. Kevin

    I’ve been eating an organic, primarily raw diet, fasting, etc., evolving in understanding and methods over a bit more than the last three decades. Nevertheless, I am still perpetually in research mode, on the lookout for greater knowledge and understanding of the nutrition subject, so that I can not only continue to strategically tweak my own nutrient intake and practices, but also so I can knowledgeably encourage my friends, family and acquaintances to do the same.

    Along the way, I’ve learned that due to the “…prophet… without honor… in his own land” saga, my most effectual method of helping most of those closest to me, is in being able to first show that I have studied and confirmed the value of resources, such as your Academy, as I then confidently recommend them to others, all the while allowing them to maintain the perception that it was always their own idea.

  190. Richard Tanguay

    I deserve to win one of your scholarships due to my extreme dietary restrictions. For a little over a year now, my diet has largely consisted (over 98%) of nothing more than apples. With issues that have surfaced due to Celiac, my body has rejected dairy, eggs, soy, meats, and foods containing sulphur and sulphites. No supplements or vitamins work; they only aggravate my system and drive me mad! Eating more than two apples puts me to sleep – my body using all its energy to digest. Doctors, Naturopaths, Nutritionists are all stunned and have no solutions. While I am able to have the odd variance, it is all contingent on sleep, food combinations and ingestion times, which wildly swing from one hour to another with no consistency to pin down an actual functioning nutrition plan. My nutrients largely come from the Reiki I perform on a daily basis. Surprisingly, I manage to keep a job in the fast paced restaurant industry as a server, and routinely stun my co-workers with my energy levels. With all that said, my mind is quite cloudy and my concentration levels are low. I have a great story to tell, but need to be healthy in order to do so. I have spent thousands of dollars to get my health back and have only made things worse. It would be nice to actually eat a meal instead of one fruit! Thank you for reading my message.

  191. Tenera

    Hi Yuri,
    I would like to thank you for the opportunity to win a free scholarship. On February 1st I was admitted into the hospital due to Crohn’s Disease. I was eleven when I was diagnosed and was able to maintain the disease medicinally until I needed surgery March of 95 my senior year. Through the years I never realized how serious the disease was until, 16 years later, another flare up sent me to the emergency room. I treated my body badly putting whatever I wanted in it , staying up late, and not exercising. I recovered quite nicely from my seven day hospital stay. I was fed intravenously, given the vitamins and nutrients to help my body recover, and prednisone. The GI doctor wants me to try a drug name Ramicade. It lowers the immune system, but stops diarrhea and other aliments of Crohn’s Disease, but the side effects of the drug are atrocious, causing cancer and fungus. Everyone on the drug that I found in chat room forums are worse off because of the drug Ramicade. My doctor also says that healing naturally without the drug is Hocus Pocus. During more research I found that Ramicade is $2000-$5000 an injection which is a nice purse for the doctor that sells it to his patient. Needless to say I will not be seeing that GI doctor again. I want to learn how to heal myself and be my own doctor. I do not want to be under the care of physicians and tied to them for life. I believe the course you put together will help on my journey to great health so that I can be able to help myself and then someone else.
    Thank You for Time,

  192. Ron Palmer

    My name is Ron. I will be 57 years old on Feb 20th. As I have grown older, my struggle with food has affected my life and personality in so many ways that I don’t know who I am anymore. I feel like I am just going through the motions in life and the only pleasure I get is when I am eating. But, I have this vision in my mind of the real me. In that vision I am free. My diet consists of mostly raw food and I exercise on a daily basis. I am thin and have lots of energy. I am loving and I am caring. There is a smile on my face and I am passionate about my life. I can deal with anything that comes my way. I am at peace and I am content. I feel I need a subscription to your Super Nutrition Academy to help me make this vision of mine a reality.

  193. Edita

    I absolutely adore your new idea of Super Nutrition Academy! I really need to become a student because I have to get myself well educated in nutrition so that I can become more in control of my health. I want to know more about how food works in our body, so that I can make my independent choices about the nutrition, rather than just following random advises on what is good or bad without knowing reasons behind it or even falling for some fake promises. In other words, I want to get empowered by the knowledge on nutrition.

  194. Sara Marston

    I have fibromyalgia and arthritis. It seems that I am tired ALL the time. Food and I don’t seem to live on the same planet. I NEED to learn how to eat better so that I don’t feel like this anymore. I feel so non-productive. I don’t have the energy to enjoy my grandchildren or much of anything else anymore. I am taking as many supplements as I have read I should be taking for the fibro and arthritis but can’t seem to feel better.

  195. Cathy Shields

    I am 54 years old and have 6 children, with 2 left at home. None of the children are married, but I am assuming that I will have grandchildren to look forward to. My desire is that I can be healthy in order to enjoy them, and be able to be an active influence in their lives. I have been in good health, and am seeing the importance of good nutrition and exercise in that equation. I would love to be a student at the academy of Super Nutrition.

  196. Lori

    I need to be a student of Super Nutrition Academy because I am ready to learn the truth about nutrition. I have tried a lot of diets and try to keep up on the literature that I can find but how do you know what to believe? I can testify that everyone out there has some gimmick to sell and it an be so confusing when you don’t know what to believe. I am committed to improving my health and am on day 3 of no coffee in the morning and instead replaced it with the litre of water with lemon juice. I never thought I would give up on my coffee in the morning but I really am ready to improve my health and want to be able to know the right way to eat so I can be in control of my health for the remainder of my life. I am done with the fad diets and am ready to educate myself. I know that this knowledge will be the start of a new life for me with Yuri’s help and guidance. It would be life changing for me to win this scholorship. I beileve in Yuri!!!

  197. bridget

    recent convert to the raw food diet – largely through the benefit of your podcasts & eating for energy plus extras. its what i’ve been looking for without knowing. psoriasis gone, ear infections pretty much gone, hands no longer swollen, ibs improved and somehow feeling clean inside & more energised. interesting to see if allergy to dust mites lessens, i think it probably has.
    interesting that everyone would encourage you to eat more veg & fruit but a common reaction would be concern on explaining raw food concept. passionate to learn more & be an ambassador, through gaining a really informed understanding through the scholarship to the Academy, for your work here in London & informing my own better health.
    thank you yuri

  198. Mark DeWeese

    Yuri, it’s great to see you can generate such enthusiasm from people. I’d love to see what this program (or rather, school) can do to retrain the mind. I do agree from personal experience that from the internet you can get information overload. This is what happened to me as I was researching the area of health and fitness and came upon your programs along with other “teachers”. It can make you numb mentally. I don’t have a lot of experience with nutrition other than knowing fruits and vegetables (raw or cooked ) are parts of a good meal. Meat has always been good if it was chicken or turkey. I knew sugar was bad for me so I limited it. I have no idea why it is bad. I have cut coffee down to one pot in the morning.A quality tv dinner (low calorie,low fat} along with a salad sounds like a very healthy dinner. These are the things I know I need to change. Why??? I believe your program explaining why sugar, coffee, processed foods, etc.should not be injested and what the specifics of what they do to diferent areas of my body will go a long way to Cut It Out. Even though I’ve lost a little weight I still feel tired all the time walk around “sluggish-like”. I so hope this program is affordable. Tesday can’t come fast enough. I just can’t wait to get started.. Sincerely, Mark

  199. Ingrid

    I first realised that I needed to be careful with my weight when I was 18 years old. I was a model and an athlete for many years and used all sorts of diets hoping to stay thin but I put on weight and lost it but felt awful most of the time. I am tall, 1.8m, so everyone said I was being silly because it did not show. But I felt unhealthy and unwell all the time. I had no energy. I have a very strong will power and became vegetarian, I felt better but after three years I was still tired all the time. I knew that I was not healthy even though I taught Aerobics and then Yoga. I also was a pro-diver. I feel ashamed not to have control now. My biggest fear is for my three year old son. I do not want him to eat badly and have the illnesses that I had as a young person. I still have asthma and my self-esteem is very poor, though I hide it quite well. I am a stay-at-home mother and I have limited income. I sincerely hope you choose me.

  200. Geoff

    I’m a 59 yr old male, who ‘bought’ the old nutrition lies for years, and my chickens are now coming home to roost. Diagnosed 3 months ago as type 2 diabetic, I’ve since been on an exponential learning curve, discovering the low-carb high-fat diet and your input along the way. Understanding proper nutrition and associated body processes has become my new religion, and I’ve become somewhat evangelical in sharing my new found diet truths.
    A bad day is when there’s no Yuri Elkaim in the inbox !
    You rock, and long may that continue !

  201. I was raised with a coupleof 5 gallon containers of ice cream in the freezer at all times and a soda machine that we owned in my backyard. My mom hated vegetables so we only got iceberg lettuce salads, corn and asparagus, peas as veggies growing up. I also became a sugarholic as a child/adult being encouraged by my mother to put sugar on everything (she thought she was being kind by showing me how much better things tasted with sugar).. Working 6 days a week in my own retail business left me going to restaurants at 8 pm for dinners. So my eating habits were horrible.

    So I have had my eyes widen tremedously after getting your eating for energy book. Please help me by taking me the rest of the way to healthy eating. I have abused my body with the foods I have expected it to survive on but I am trying to fix it all now. Love what you are doing Yuri! You’ve seriously changed my life already in a huge way!

  202. Gene Protz

    Hi Yuri,
    I’m a young senior citizen. By luck of good genes and having lived an active and healthy lifestyle I look and feel about two-thirds my age. My interest in food and nutrition began when I was forced by circumstances to be the “cook” for my family. Over the years I’ve come a long way from just preparing something to eat, to making it look and taste good, to developing a nutritious diet to help maintain great health as my wife and I are ageing. Its saddening to see people suffer with all sorts of ailments that could be eliminated or minimized simply by following an improved diet. So, I’d like to learn more specifics about nutrition in order to share the information with others, with hopes that they’ll learn to treat themselves better.

  203. Kari B.

    2011 was a huge turning point for me. Determined to be responsible for my own health instead of leaving it in the hands of a system, my appetite for education in this area has been insatiable – it has become one of my new greatest passions (sometimes to my friends and family’s dismay). Narrowing the focus, limiting the number of informational sources and turning knowledge into a living reality are all goals that speak to where I am at right now. To be able to be a member of The Super Nutrition Academy would be both an honor and a blessing enabling me to ‘put hands and feet’ on this educational journey. Thank you for sharing this opportunity!

  204. Nick

    Hi Yuri. I am 15 years old. I turned 15 in september and ever since then I have converted over from eating pretty much whatever I want to really trying to learn what foods I should be eating. For the last few months I have been doing pretty well, dropping my body fat percentage and getting a little leaner, but I feel I still have PLENTY to learn to become the healthy, full of energy person I want to be. I was never really fat before I switched to eating healthy, but I didn’t look muscular, or lean for that matter. This program seems like the godsend I need to really push me that last step.
    Thanks so much

  205. Gabby Wallace

    I deserve to win the scholarship because I’m about to give birth to my second child in 3 weeks time and would love the nutrition knowledge to give her the best start in life that I possibly can and to also lose that extra baby weight

  206. Morgane

    Hey Yuri,

    Thank you so much for all the good informations you are sharing with us.

    My Dad is suffering of Cancer and my mom of diabetes; I would really want to learn more about good nutrition to show them that there is a better way to prepare good diner.

    Thank you again for this opportunity and good luck every one!

  207. margaret glancey

    I would like to become one of the winners because I have a weight problem my entire life. I am an RN + know what to do. Just to let you know a little about me. I had RNY surgery almost 6 years ago, still doing fairly well. Re-gained 25 of the 125 lbs lost.I run a support group for by-pass patients. The Super Nutrition Academy would help me in educating them alon with myself.I also have fibromylegia and used to go to the gym several times a week.Had issues with a very sick pet + slacked off because of the demands of his care. He passed 1 year ago, I finally started back today[2-17]. So I need all the help I can get,I am 56 yrs old + 235 lbs! please consider me. Thank you!

  208. David Morgan

    My name is David and I got into raw food a year ago when I met my girlfriend and know the basics of eating healthy, but I would love to be a student of Super Nutrition Academy for a greater insight into nutrition – I also workout at the gym 5 times a week and need to know about nutrition to help my body recover. Thanks for all you do

  209. angela

    My dad died at the really young age of 48 of heart disease 3 years ago he did not drink or smoke so it must of been the type of food he was eating that contributed so I would like to learn about nutrion and fully understand this and prevent myself and family from also dieing young

  210. Denise

    I would like to know how to cook and prepare healthy things for myself and family. My husband and I have high blood pressure and two of my daughters are over weight and would like to end the cycle now of unhealthy eating. My family would like to eat healthier but we just do not know how. I want to start 2012 off right. When you get older it’s harder for you to lose and I will be 37 in less then 20 days. I just want my family to live our life to the fullest but can’t do that if we are weighed down by “healthy snack” with loads of sugar. I need help!!!!

  211. linda wojciechowski

    I am a 66 year old retiree. In January I visited my doctor. He told me I have Osteoporosis. I have been on medication for the Osteopenia for the last 10 years.
    He wants to give me a shot in April that will be administered once a year for Osteoporosis. From what I have read, these Osteoporosis medicines do not work. They can actually make the condition worse.
    Since January I have been trying to eat a more alkaline diet. I am working on doing more exercise. This is my personal experiment to see if I can reverse my bone problem through nutirtion and exercise. I felt that there had to be another answer to drugs that do little to help and can actually cause brittle bones and other side effects It was enlightening to find out that Osteoporosis is not a world wide problem. It occurs more in the west where people eat more meat, dairy, processed food, acidic diet.

    I have always felt that when you know the why behind the action you are being told to take, it is easier to follow through. All the information I have obtained from your website has helped me to keep on track and know the importance of good nutrition to obtain ultimate health benefits. I thank you for your passion to help people improve their health.

  212. Patricia Stephen

    I have been a super fan of Yuri for the past year as I have read your articles/blogs, used the FitterU and Treadmill Trainer workouts, and just recently completed the Total Wellness Cleanse. I would like to complete the Super Nutrition Academy courses to propel my own health forward, my families health, and move forward into a career in health and nutrition.

  213. April

    I need this scholarship for one reason: my son Noah. Noah was born normally but acquired Autism shortly after birth. Since that time I have put my life on hold to try to discover how I can help him the best and moso natural ways here at home. I have read so many books and websites trying to discover ways I can help. We have tried many things during the course of his short life but I still feel that the best thing I can do for him is to understand how food works in our bodies and get him on the best diet I can. We eat very wholistically now and that has helped tremendously but still feel so confused about the information out there. Though all this research and trial and error I have found I am very interested in diet and the role it plays in our lives. My Noah can only attend 1/2 days at school due to behavior issues and this has forced me to quit my job to be available to him. I could not afford this course without a scholarship. Thank you so much for your time and attention.

  214. Danelle

    Three years ago I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Best thing that could have happened to me as it made re-valuate my life and how I was going to take back the power I had given up years earlier. Stunned yet determined I went directly to the bookstore. Purchased two books on reversing diabetes went home, had a good cry said “enough” and planned like crazy. Promised myself I would be healthy and in remission in 5 years. Transitioned to a vegan diet and began weight training. At my first 3 month blood test my Triglyceride were in the normal range and my LDL was falling. This trend continued with every 3 month blood test that first year. During one appointment my Doctor asked if I was on cholesterol medication as my LDL levels had fallen so quickly. After joking that I wasn’t seeing another Doctor behind her back I told her I was eating turmeric and pretty much every food and herb that had anti inflammatory properties. 18 months after being diagnose my doctor declared Diabetic Remission. Yuri I really need to be a student of Super Nutrition Academy because of a two year plateau with my weight loss. This is affecting my future goal of becoming a Diabetic Nutritionist. The scholarship would help me to be the strong, healthy and confident person on the outside that is inside of me so that I can be a role model that walked the walk. Thank you.

  215. LINDA

    being as how this is a random draw i guess it doesn’t really matter what i say here =)

    so all i will say is this has been a very interesting few days listening to yuri and knowing that the things i am doing r taking me down the right path. I an extremely interested in the mental approach and how to kill my “addiction” to carbs (this one thing is my whole problem)

    good health to u all
    and ty yuri

  216. Sandy

    this academy sounds like the logic next step. a great opportunity to deepen my knowledge, in an importing and interesting topic, not only for myself but also to help others. it will greatly improve my health talks, especially with the sceptical ones who want all the whys.

  217. mary ellen burriesci


  218. Kristine Larson

    I need to be a student because my life has spiraled out of control after the sudden death of my ex-husband in 2005. Being a single parent dealing with 2 devastated children I turned to food for comfort and naturally gained significant weight. In 2008 I had a heart attack and the medications I was put on made me gain even more weight. Being post-menopausol the weight doesn’t want to come off. My children need me to be around for them and I need help getting healthy again. I hope the Super Nutrition Academy will help me do so.

  219. verna

    I am very heavy. I have tried many things and researched what i can here and there yet have continued to gain weight. I am not a glutton, I don’t binge eat. I was very thin all my life till I got formaldehyde poisoning. Then I was in sever car accidents (not my fault) The weight came on even when I took my calories down and exercised. I want to quit getting snips here and there, opinions here and there and have a real understanding of nutrition and how it works for my body.

  220. Scott Bollin

    I’ve just come across your youtube videos and websites over the past couple of weeks. Many of the things that you have talked have been confirmation of what I’ve been implementing in my life over the past year or so, really with no basis. It’s been very exciting to hear someone else share on these topics. All the while, other topics that I hadn’t even considered have just set right and completely make sense. I consider myself a lifetime learner and would be ecstatic to be able to participate in this program. Because I’m lacking family support in my weightloss journey, I’m not able to purchase the program at this time and without the scholarship, I won’t be able to participate. Thanks for all that you share and the mission that you are running. Thanks for allowing this opportunity.

  221. dawn pretlow chapman

    My name is Dawn Pretlow Chapman and work as a nurse and a medical assistant instructor. I am new to the raw food world and loving my journey to optimal health. It would be my pleasure to learn as much as I can to promote a holistic lifestyle change to the many single mothers I encounter daily. Since my divorce, I realized how toxic my lifestyle had become. I had begun to teach my childen those same unhealthy habits. I am truly feeling the movement of restoration. I would appreciate the knowledge taught to assist in breaking the generational curses of the average broken African american home.

  222. anne-marie

    I have been on disability since 2003 after a horseracing accident which led to 13 surgeries and a chronic systemic case of candida and chronic fatigue. As much as I can’t afford the academy, I will bypass a true entry for the contest, because I have recently purchased the Body Ecology Diet book from Donna Gates and your Total Cleanse last year. I have not been able to make it past two days on the cleanse, but will continue to try to keep an open mind and make steps in the right direction. Since Valentine’s Day I have implemented the 1 liter of water in the morning and have been successful at that. It’s a start. I have been struggling with an eating disorder for 29 years, so change is not easy.

    I am putting my vote in for Robert Beckett and the lady from Africa for the scolarships. There are many worthy candidates and I am happy to see that so many people are following you. Thank you for all you do for us in this crazy world.

  223. Just a note to let you know I admire your site. I am 85, still do some competition ballroom dancing and am a performer in the Original Florida Follies. I have always been conscious of good nutrition and good supplements and have tried (but not always succeeded) to teach my children and grandchildren good dietary habits. Good luck to you in all your endeavors.

  224. Mara Davis Chanin

    Hi, I have been trying to loose weight on and off for many years now, I’ve become very frustrated and tired of dieting. I finally decided to focus on my health instead of attempting to purely lose weight while avoiding the true health benefits of detriments of my various diet and lifestyle changes. I have begun following various youtube channel and reading information online in an attempt to become healthier happier and more energized. But I am overwhelmed and confused, I have come across lot’s of conflicting opinions and have become skeptical of everything I hear. It would be very helpful to have one perspective I can trust, and a place where I can learn everything I need to know about nutrition so that I can change my lifestyle for the better.

  225. trysh

    hello yuri! i would like to be one of the lucky winners of a scholarship to the super nutrition academy to help me further my studies in adapting a raw food lifestyle and achieving optimal health. as a 15 year cancer survivor, this is something i am very passionate about. “eating for energy” really opened my eyes almost 4 years ago and cutting wheat and dairy out of my diet has made an incredible difference in my life. going raw is something that can’t be done overnight, it suprised me how much of a struggle it can be breaking the emotional and mental associations we have with food – dairy and meat were no problem, but wheat and coffee were very difficult for me to kick (no toast and coffee in the morning? eek! lol) – but the payoff is how amazing it feels and how it elevates every area of your life. the updates you provide through total wellness consulting are a constant inspiration, a welcome kick in the butt to keep on track and a trusted source of information for me. the “amazing abs solution” is helping me with my recovery from a car accident – it is difficult for anyone to be sidelined by broken bones and injuries, but when you are an extremely active, athletic person, it stings that much more. i have had to go back and start from square one, but i feel like you are right by my side guiding me through it. i often wonder if you know how much of an inspiration you are to so many of us and how many people you have helped to thrive… i offer my sincere thanks and gratitude to you yuri, with all of the confusion and information out there in the health and fitness industry, yours is a voice i always know i can trust backed by evidence, science and research, knowing that you truly care about people’s health and well being and seeing that you don’t just talk the talk, you walk the walk and live it yourself every day. good luck everyone! 🙂

  226. Ryan

    I am coming off an ACL recon and have gained 30 pounds. I can no longer get away with the unhealthy habits I used to hold. This could really help me turn my health around and get back on track.

  227. Angela Kilcrease

    Hello Yuri~

    I would love to win a Free tuition to super Nutition Acacdemy , because I have been eating healthy for 2 years ( I have fungus/yeast problems) and you seem to have information that I have heard of for the first time of how and why certain foods effect your body,
    I have already cut soy out of my diet. I would really really love to win!!!
    I share all my health tips w/ my clientel , I am a hair stylist. My clients can’t believe how much I know, which isn’t much compared to information you have researched over the years.
    Again I would really really love to win the information!!!!

    Thank You~Angela Kilcrease

  228. Debra Schaller

    I have a lot of family and friends that could use some help with diet and nutrition. I would love to learn more from Super Nutrition Academy. I can help them and myself.
    Thanks for all the help you have given us already .
    Your Friend,
    Debra Schaller

  229. Jason Jones

    I want to learn more about how to eat healthier, lose weight, and have more energy. Since I started applying a few of the things I learned from you I feel a lot better and have more energy.

  230. Ersi

    Hi Yuri,

    I really want to become a student of the Super Nutrition Academy
    because I feel very uneducated on the nutrition field. I have an autoimmune desease (allergies)
    which I desperately want to overcome and you mentioned in one of your videos that you managed to beat yours through the diet thar you cosume. That was a great inspiration for me
    and made me decide that I want to master my diet and live a healthy live
    without the desease that is making it difficult and painful. Thank you for giving me hope.

  231. Benjamin

    I am extremely passionate about health and nutrition. I study holistic healing and lifestyle altering approaches on a daily basis. To my dismay, I have been struggling with my own health for years even though I eat a strict Paleo/GAPS type diet. I would love to learn as much as possible in order to solve my personal health problems as well as apply my new education to help others! Thanks!

  232. I absolutely need to become a student of Super Nutrition Academy so that I can support you even further on your mission to change the health of as many people as possible. My aim is to start in my home town. As a student of Super Nutrition Academy I will have much greater knowledge available to me to help me and you to achieve your vision. Thank YOU for your vision and THANK YOU even more for making it so easy for anyone to share in your vision to make the world a happier healthier place. I believe in your vision and am proud to be part of it.

  233. Rosie

    Hi Yuri,
    Wow, well where do I start. Well I live in Los Angeles, and would love the scholarship to help me further my health education. Food is good, but I am in the middle of trying to lose weight the healthy way, I am conscious of the way I eat, so I eat by being cautious of what i put in my mouth, and make sure that I expel everyday. Last year, In summer, I had a scarey things happen to me, I was having joints pains. I had it so bad one day, while I was out and about, with a friend, that at that time he had some knowledge, I begged him to try out a calcium enzyme complex that you put in water. Within 20 to 30 minutes, the pain was gone, with that result I realize that there are different strengths of Calcium, so i bought a box and use it. In total i also attended 2-3 seminars for that company, found out other vitamins in Enzyme Complex form that I could put in water & go. I was interested to help my body inside and out. I now have seen other
    company using a powder of vitamins better than the pill forms, but some are high quality and others are not. I would like to have this new education so I can share, help more folks that are seeking better and healthier lifestyle, make use of this new material, support program that just as serious as I can be. Thank you for all the articles/books/ webinars, etc

  234. Wan Nor Hanizah

    My name is Nizah. I am a wellness n beauty consultant with a local health food co in malaysia. I would like to become an expert in wellness n beauty n wish to be selected for the program. As this is new, education for me to explore further in this world of health n beauty, i wish to be selected. Tq very much.

  235. Zuzanna

    I should like to participate in Super Nutrition Academy, because I need to receive the true knowledge about food, its quality and the importance for our health. I am interested in health promotion and I should like to help other people to avoid many serious deseases or though to minimalize their consequences. I do beleive that many of our health problems are connected with the lack of knowledge what we should eat to protect our body and mind. I will share this knowledge with other people to help them.

  236. Jamic

    Hi, I would be very fond on getting this opportunity, to learn make my life more healthy. I have several health issues with which docters are not really properly informed. So I am rather left in the dark with them. I’m totally open to getting better informed and make my life & health much better. I really am getting more & more ready to putting well-informed to use.
    I would appreciate the chance to make my life better and better again.
    Hope to hear from you soon, Jamic.

  237. Hi Yuri, I know this is late, but I thought the write in’s below were lame. I just went through 1yr of cancer treatment for her2nue breast cancer. Everything that could go wrong did, but I did finish up treatment at thanksgiving 2011, 6mo of chemo, 1 yr of herceptin and 6wks of radiation. I had 3rd degree burns twice w radiation. I had my power port out in jan and now have a DVT in my jugular. Im educating myself on nutrution am over 100lbs over weight and am slowly taking the weight off and trying to get my body to recover from all the poisin that was put in it. Anyway not looking for a free handout, but come on some of these people below what a joke.
    anyway have a happy healthy life.

  238. Hi Yuri, with so much mis-information out there, specificially by the products that promote as ‘healthy’, it would be nice to have the tools to find the truth.

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    and that is also happening with this article which I am
    reading here.

  242. Shari Leiterman again.
    I want to take my life and others to the next level.
    I feel it’s time to get more support and your scholarship will assist with this. I am sure you will help bring more presence to the audience with your information.
    The truth is, this is bigger than me and you. We must change the planet. It is us, our children and how we can lead the future.
    Thank you.

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